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Large Ragamuffin cat sits on chair
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Home cats’ dimension can differ enormously relying on breed, gender, and particular person genetics, however, on common, most home cats weigh between 5 and 12 kilos and stand about 9 to 10 inches tall on the shoulder. A number of breeds, nonetheless, are notably a lot bigger than the typical home cat.

The biggest home cat breed is the Maine Coon, which may weigh as much as 20 kilos or extra and stand as much as 16 inches tall on the shoulder. In truth, the cat who holds the Guinness World Document for being the longest home cat is a Maine Coon: Barivel measures 120 cm (or near 4 ft) lengthy.

Maine Coons aren’t the one large cats on the market, nonetheless. Listed here are among the different greatest breeds of home cats.

Largest Home Cat Breeds

Really big orange maine coon on white bed
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1. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is just not solely identified for being the largest home cat breed — they weigh between 15 and 25 kilos — but additionally for his or her human-like, clever eyes, monumental our bodies, and distinctive sq., robust faces. Some really feel they’ve an otherworldly aura, however, fortunately, they use their magic for good: Maine Coon cats are very pleasant, playful, and affectionate. They love chatting with numerous vocalizations, together with chirps, trills, and meows. They like youngsters and different pets and can hold your home mouse-free — they have been as soon as “working cats” who saved farms and ships away from vermin.

Weight: 15 to 25 kilos

fluffy Ragdoll cat lying in a ball

Klugzy Wugzy/Unsplash

2. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are aptly named for his or her tendency to loll about in your lap like a limp play toy. They’ve a smooth and silky medium-length coat that may be quite a lot of colours and patterns, together with seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, and cream. In addition they have stunning vibrant blue almond-shaped eyes. These large cats can weigh between 15 and 20 kilos and defy the impartial cat stereotype; they want a variety of consideration and cuddling, so ensure you may be there for them, they usually’ll be there for you.

Weight: 15 to twenty kilos

large hybrid domestic savannah cat walks on balcony
Pierre Aden / Shutterstock

3. Savannah

A number of breeds are thought of hybrids between commonplace home cats and bigger wild cats. The Savannah, which is a component African Serval and might weigh between 12 and 25 kilos, is certainly one of them. This breeding apply is controversial for a couple of causes, together with that the wild a part of these cats might persist and be launched into an extended line of cats with ill-prepared households. The Savannah cat is taller and leaner than common home cats and desires plenty of house and alternative to climb and leap; they will get mischievous if not given sufficient stimulation. They’re affectionate with their folks, cautious of strangers, and unsurprisingly have very impartial spirits.

Weight: 12 to 25 kilos

large Ragamuffin in hammock
Omar Ramadan / Pexels

4. Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin is comparable in look and temperament to the Ragdoll, with a thick coat that may be white, black, blue, cream, or pink. They’re very affectionate and like to cuddle, making them nice companions for households with youngsters or different pets. They’re additionally actually sensible and open to being skilled to do easy tips, like fetching or sitting on command. In contrast to another giant cats, Ragamuffin cats, who weigh 10 to twenty kilos, are usually not very energetic and like to lounge round the home.

Weight: 10 to twenty kilos

large white turkish van cat being pet on the belly
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5. Turkish Van

Turkish Van cats are identified for his or her distinctive white water-repellent coat, coloured markings on their heads and tails, and blue or amber eyes. These large cats weigh between 10 and 20 kilos and have a muscular construct and broad chest. They’re very playful and energetic (they like to discover) and are sensible and curious. Turkish Vans are usually clear cats and don’t require frequent bathing, however they shed rather a lot and wish some assist with grooming to remain mat-free.

Weight: 10 to twenty kilos

big american bobtail kitty sits next to mirror
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6. American Bobtail

American Bobtail cats are medium to giant (between 12 and 16 kilos), stocky, and named for his or her most particular function: a brief, bobbed tail ensuing from a pure genetic mutation. Their tails are normally one-third to one-half the size of a normal cat’s tail. They’re clever and playful and love interacting with folks and different animals. Bobtails are a really adaptable breed; they regulate to completely different residing environments, together with flats, nicely.

Weight: 12 to 16 kilos

big chausie kitten lying down
Anastasiia / AdobeStock

7. Chausie

The Chausie cat is a hybrid between a wild Jungle cat (Felis chaus) and a home cat. Chausie cats are medium to giant in dimension (they weigh between 12 and 16 kilos), muscular, and have brief, dense coats. They’re clever, energetic, and really social and are sometimes described as “dog-like” of their habits. They even get pleasure from taking part in fetch, occurring walks on a leash, and swimming. Their wild ancestors give Chausie cats a robust searching intuition, they usually want loads of train and stimulation. They can be very vocal and should make a spread of sounds, from chirping to growling, to speak with you (so don’t take their snarls too personally).

Weight: 12 to 16 kilos

big and fluffy grey siberian cat
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8. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an impressive cat with a thick, fluffy, waterproof coat, tufted ears and paws, and a thick ruff of fur across the neck. This huge cat breed can weigh between 12 and 16 kilos and is tremendous pleasant, chill, and affectionate. They’re form of just like the European cousin to the Maine Coon in dimension, affability, and their love of mousing.

Weight: 12 to 16 kilos

big siberian cat, domestic on colorful background
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9. As their title suggests, the Siberian cat hails from Russia and has a thick, fluffy coat designed to guard them from that harsh local weather. They’ve spherical faces and expressive eyes that may be inexperienced, gold, or copper. Their waterproof coats have three layers which assist hold them cool in the summertime. That stated, they like a colder local weather for optimum consolation. Regardless of their giant dimension — they weigh 10 to 16 kilos — Siberian cats are very agile and like to climb and discover. They’re nonetheless finest as indoor cats except you might be on a mission to decimate the native songbird inhabitants. In addition they require common grooming to maintain their signature fur in good situation.

Weight: 10 to 16 kilos

woman plays with a big domestic bengal cat on a bed
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10. The Bengal is a cross between a wild Asian leopard cat and a home cat. Developed in the USA within the Seventies, these cats weigh between 10 and 16 kilos, have brief, dense coats, and inexperienced or gold eyes with a particular “wild” look. They’re identified for his or her energetic and playful personalities, in addition to being clever, curious, and really vocal. They may chat with their pet dad and mom and are very social and affectionate. Bengal cats want loads of toys, scratching posts, playtime to maintain them from changing into bored or harmful, and common grooming. They’re not low-maintenance, however they are often rewarding companions.

Weight: 10 to 16 kilos

Largest Cat Breeds FAQ

What’s the greatest cat on the planet?

The cat who holds the Guinness World Document for being the longest home cat is a Maine Coon named Barivel, who measures 120 cm lengthy.

What’s the largest home cat?

The biggest home cat breed is the Maine Coon. Male Primary Coons weigh, on common, 15 to 18 kilos, however some weigh as a lot as 25 kilos or extra.

How large is the typical cat?

The common cat weighs between eight and 10 kilos, however males are usually greater than females.

What is taken into account a big cat?

The common cat weighs as much as 10 kilos. Cats who weigh over 12 kilos are thought of giant. Most giant breed cats usually weigh between 12 and 18 kilos.

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