German Shepherd Weight and Development Chart

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In case you not too long ago introduced a GSD pet house, you’re in all probability questioning in the event that they’re on the right weight and top for his or her age!

In any case, German Shepherd puppies develop shortly and earlier than you already know it, you’ll be looking for bigger canine collars and doggie beds.

Our German Shepherd Weight and Development Chart offers you a common concept of what to anticipate for each feminine and male GSDs, and also you’ll additionally be taught all in regards to the 5 German Shepherd pet milestones.

German Shepherd Puppy - Growth Chart - walking in the grass

Moreover, our free printable GSD Pet Development Tracker makes it simple to file your respective pet’s weight and top.

Final however not least, we’ll additionally present solutions to the next questions:

  • How do I weigh & measure my German Shepherd?
  • At what age is a German Shepherd absolutely grown?
  • How heavy is a totally grown German Shepherd?
  • What’s obese for a German Shepherd?
  • Is a German Shepherd a superb household canine?
  • Are German Shepherds simple puppies?
  • At what age does a German Shepherd begin guarding?
  • Ought to I communicate German to my German Shepherd?
  • How a lot train does a German Shepherd want?

In case you’re simply searching for data on GSDs since you’re considering bringing one house, you need to use the next three hyperlinks to search out German Shepherd puppies from respected breeders within the US in addition to from GSD rescues:

For respected German Shepherd breeders in Germany, take a look at the hyperlink under:

German Shepherd Stats

First issues first, let’s begin with some fundamental details about the German Shepherd Canine:

  • Measurement: Medium-large
  • Common Feminine GSD Top: 22”-24” / 56-61cm
  • Common Feminine GSD Weight: 60-75 lb / 27-34 kg
  • Common Male GSD Top: 24”-26” / 61-66 cm
  • Common Male GSD Weight: 75-90 lb / 34-41 kg
  • Colours: Tan with black saddle, sable, strong black, bi-color
  • Lifespan: 9-13 years
  • Litter Measurement: 4-9 puppies
  • Coat Kind: Quick or long-haired, double coat
  • Temperament: Clever, simple to coach, loyal, playful, protecting, alert, brave
  • Power/Train Wants: Excessive vitality requiring numerous each day train
  • Well being Issues: Liable to hip dysplasia (particularly present line GSDs)

German Shepherd Weight And Development Charts

Please notice that the GSD weight & progress charts under are common numbers of what to anticipate. 

Usually talking, your GSD pet shouldn’t develop to be a lot bigger than their dad and mom. 

Meaning your breeder ought to be capable to provide you with a superb common concept of your GSD pet’s anticipated weight and progress.

Additionally, notice that German Shepherds aren’t absolutely grown till they’re about 2 years outdated, that’s why monitoring German Shepherd weight and progress all through that point is vital.

GSD puppies from totally different strains (present canine vs working canine) are additionally going to vary in weight and top. 

Usually talking, working GSDs are inclined to have a bigger head and chest than present line German Shepherds, however present strains are a bit bulkier than their working counterparts.

Moreover, present canine GSDs have shorter again legs and a extra sloped again than working GSDs. 

GSD breeder Christina Kaiser from Wendelin Farm in Canada breeds working line GSDs and shared the next common weight data for her working GSDs:

8 weeks 8 kg/17 lbs: Each feminine and male

Mature canine at 2 years of age:

  • Feminine 60-75 lbs
  • Male 75-90 lbs

She provides that “we would like a lean canine rising up, a canine that may develop gradual and mature late.”

In response to the American Kennel Membership (AKC), the Official Commonplace of the GSD states that male GSDs measure 24-26” in top, and feminine GSDs measure 22-24” in top.

Once more, please notice that these are common values. 

Common Anticipated Weight & Top For A Feminine GSD

Age Feminine GSD Weight Chart in lb | kg  Feminine GSD Development Chart in in | cm
4 weeks 4-8 lb | 2-3.5 kg 3-6” | 7.5-15 cm
8 weeks 10-17 lb | 4.5-8 kg 6-9” | 15-23 cm
12 weeks 17-26 lb | 8-12 kg 8-10” | 20-25.5 cm
16 weeks 31-35 lb | 14-16 kg 10-12” | 25.5-30.5 cm
5 months 35-44 lb | 16-20 kg 12-14” | 30.5-35.5 cm
6 months 44-49 lb | 20-22 kg 15-17” | 38-43 cm
7 months 49-53 lb | 22-24 kg 17-19” | 43-48 cm
8 months 53-57 lb | 24-26 kg 18-20” | 46-51 cm
9 months 55-60 lb | 25-27 kg 19-21” | 48-53 cm
10 months 57-62 lb | 26-28 kg 19-21” | 48-53 cm
11 months 60-64 lb | 27-29 kg 20-22” | 51-56 cm
12 months 60-64 lb | 27-29 kg 20-22” | 51-56 cm
18 months 60-66 lb | 27-30 kg 21-22” | 53-56 cm
2 years 60-75 lb | 27-34 kg 22-24” | 56-61 cm

Bonus: Your personal printable German Shepherd pet progress tracker! Seize yours right here

GSD Puppy Growth Tracker

Common Anticipated Weight & Top For A Male GSD

Age Male GSD Weight Chart in lb | kg  Male GSD Development Chart in in | cm
4 weeks 5-9 lb | 2-4 kg 4-6” | 10-15 cm
8 weeks 10-17 lb | 4.5-8 kg 7-9” | 18-23 cm
12 weeks 20-30 lb | 9-13 kg September 11” | 23-28 cm
16 weeks 30-40 lb | 13-18 kg 11-14” | 28-35.5 cm
5 months 40-49  lb | 18-22 kg 14-16” | 35.5-40.5 cm
6 months 50-55 lb | 22.5-25 kg 16-18” | 40.5-46 cm
7 months 55-62 lb | 25-28 kg 19-20” | 48-51 cm
8 months 62-68 lb | 28-31 kg 20-22” | 51-56 cm
9 months 65-70 lb | 29.5-32 kg 21-23” | 53-58.5 cm
10 months 66-75 lb | 30-34 kg 22-24” | 56-61 cm
11 months 66-75 lb | 30-34 kg 22-24” | 56-61 cm
12 months 70-75 lb | 32-34 kg 22-24” | 56-61 cm
18 months 70-80 lb | 32-36 kg 23-25” | 58.5-63.5 cm
2 years 75-90 lb | 34-41 kg 24-26” | 61-66 cm

How Do I Weigh & Measure My German Shepherd?

To be able to measure your GSD’s top, have them stand and seize a (smooth) measuring tape. 

Subsequent, measure from their paws to the highest of their shoulder blades.

For getting your pet’s weight, you need to use 3 few totally different approaches:

  1. Take your pup to your vet’s workplace exterior of their scheduled medical examine ups to get their weight. You’ll be able to safely do that as soon as they’ve had all of their preliminary pet photographs. These fast pop-ins might be nice for his or her ongoing socialization!
  2. Put money into a digital pet scale for puppies (max capability 220 lbs) or in a heavy responsibility pet scale for bigger canine (max capability 440 lbs).
  3. Stand by yourself toilet scale and write down your weight. Step off and seize your pet. Subsequent, step again on together with your GSD pet and take that weight. Subtract your weight from the mixed weight, and also you’ll have your pet’s weight. 

5 German Shepherd Pet Milestones

There are 5 milestones in your German Shepherd pet’s improvement:

  1. The Neonatal Interval
  2. The Socialization Interval
  3. The Juvenile Interval
  4. The Sexual Maturity Interval
  5. The Transition-Into-Maturity Interval

The Neonatal Interval (0-3 weeks)

This era encompasses the time from beginning till 3 weeks of age. 

The puppies are born blind and deaf and are fully depending on their mom for the primary 2 weeks of their life. 

At in regards to the 2-3 week mark, the puppies’ ears and eyes are absolutely open, they’re beginning to stand and are taking their first pet steps. 

That is additionally when their first child tooth are coming in. 

The Socialization Interval (3-12 weeks)

Throughout this time span, the puppies are studying social expertise. 

These are actually vital as a effectively socialized pet will flip right into a assured grownup who’s not scared of recent environments! 

They’ll first begin studying from their mom and siblings, adopted by the breeder who begins to show them to their human household, numerous sounds and devices. 

If the puppies go to their new houses at 8 weeks of age, it’s vital that their new homeowners proceed the pet’s socialization to the world with all of its sounds, sights and smells. 

One profit of getting the pet stick with the breeder till they’re 12 and even 16 weeks outdated is that an skilled breeder will begin their home coaching in addition to leash coaching throughout that point. 

The Juvenile Interval (4-6 months)

That is one other formative time for German Shepherd puppies as they proceed to discover the world.

They’ll be settling into their new house whereas persevering with their socialization to the world.

They’ll additionally undergo their teething section as their grownup tooth are available, and end their home coaching. 

The Sexual Maturity Interval (6-18 months)

Throughout this time, your GSD pet will get all of their grownup tooth and their ears will transition from floppy to erect. 

Feminine GSD puppies may even undergo their first warmth cycle and male GSD puppies will attain sexual maturity. 

Good to know: Feminine GSDs keep in warmth for 3-4 weeks.

This occurs as soon as to twice per 12 months, so until you’re aspiring to and have the precise to breed your pup (examine your pet contract!), you’ll need to spay or neuter your GSD pet throughout this time. 

The Transition-Into-Maturity Interval (18 months – 2.5 years)

Throughout this era, your German Shepherd will proceed to develop. 

indicator that your GSD pet has extra rising to do is when their paws nonetheless appear too massive in comparison with the remainder of the physique.

The image under exhibits my former canine strolling consumer Stanley, a male long-haired GSD when he was about 1 ½ years outdated. 

Again then, he nonetheless hadn’t grown into his paws!

GSD on leash

Former male GSD consumer Stanley, nonetheless not absolutely grown at 1.5 years younger

At What Age is a German Shepherd Totally Grown?

Many German Shepherds will attain their closing top fairly shortly, 

however will proceed to bulk out till they’re 1 ½ – 2 years outdated. 

Most are absolutely grown at about 2 years of age, however some might proceed to bulk out till they’re 2.5 years outdated (30 months).

How Heavy is a Totally Grown German Shepherd?

In fact this depends upon the person canine, however usually talking, absolutely grown feminine German Shepherds weigh between 60-75 lbs. 

Totally grown male German Shepherds weigh between 75-90 lb on common. 

Do not forget that GSDs from present strains are sometimes bigger and bulkier than working GSDs.

What’s Obese for a German Shepherd? 

Lack of normal breed-specific train could cause your German Shepherd to turn into obese. 

Weight problems can contribute to joint points and a number of different well being issues together with diabetes and kidney illness, so it’s in your greatest curiosity to maintain your GSD lean and match!

Usually talking and similar to different canine breeds, German Shepherds are thought of obese in the event that they now not have an stomach tuck. 

With that in thoughts, you need to be capable to clearly see a waistline in your German Shepherd if you have a look at them from above. 

One other good hack is when you possibly can simply really feel your GSD’s ribs and so they don’t have a sagging stomach, they’re not obese. 

When there’s layers of fats masking their ribs and so they have a sagging stomach, your pup is obese. 

For many feminine GSDs, weighing in over 75 lb is probably going obese. 

For many male GSDs, the load cutoff is at 90 lb, but it surely’ll rely in your respective pup. 

The runt of the litter is at all times going to be a lot smaller than the largest sibling pup!

German Shepherd breeder Christina Kaiser from Wendelin Farm in Canada raises working line GSDs and needs to really feel the ribs in an athletic canine that’s in working situation.

In response to her: 

A canine is just too fats if you gained’t really feel [their] ribs. A German Shepherd could possibly be 100 lbs and never be fats, and one other German Shepherd could possibly be 75 lbs and fats.

Right here’s a YouTube video of one among her working GSDs:

Is a German Shepherd a Good Household Canine?

With correct socialization and coaching, GSDs make nice household canine who bond effectively with kids, particularly females. 

Past that, they’re loyal and protecting of their households, together with children. 

Initially bred as a herding canine, needless to say German Shepherds are excessive vitality working canine, in order that they want a correct outlet for all of that vitality. 

Particularly working line German Shepherds!

If their train wants aren’t met, they’ll shortly develop downside behaviors as they discover methods to entertain themselves. 

For instance, destroying your furnishings, barking obsessively at the whole lot they see out of the window, chewing via their crate in makes an attempt to flee, nipping at individuals’s heels, and many others.

All that mentioned, you’ll want to guide an lively life-style that caters to your German Shepherd’s vitality. Actions you are able to do collectively are:

  • Jogging
  • Biking
  • Rollerblading
  • Canicross
  • Skijoring
  • Swimming
  • Retrieving
  • Schutzhund
  • Mountain climbing
  • Agility
  • Dock diving
  • Backpacking 

Are German Shepherds Simple Puppies?

Elevating any pet requires quite a lot of time, vitality, consistency and dedication on the handler’s half. Nonetheless, there are specific breeds which are simpler to coach than others.

Fortunately, German Shepherds match into that class as a result of they’re very clever and fast learners. 

This contains home coaching, crate coaching, fundamental obedience instructions in addition to studying methods. 

We advocate attending a pet kindergarten class as a part of your German Shepherd pet socialization technique. 

As soon as your pup’s efficiently graduated from it, you possibly can enroll them in fundamental obedience courses.

At What Age Does a German Shepherd Begin Guarding?

As soon as your pup is aware of their fundamental obedience instructions, you possibly can enroll them in Schutzhund coaching aka IPO.

Schutzhund is the German time period for “Safety Canine”, and IPO is brief for “Internationale Prüfungsordnung”, which interprets to “Worldwide Testing Requirements”.

Schutzhund coaching teaches your pup to do safety work paired with monitoring, guarding and 100% off-leash, voice management obedience (no hand indicators).

Partnership and teamwork between your self and your canine are the premise for such a coaching.

In any case, it’s the place they be taught to fully deal with their handler and ignore all distractions together with different individuals, canine in addition to loud noises akin to gunshots. 

Notice that the Schutzhund setting shouldn’t be a spot for canine with aggression points, neither in the direction of different canine nor individuals!

When you can Schutzhund practice together with your pup for enjoyable and to strengthen the bond between you, there’s additionally the choice to compete on this canine sport. 

You’ll be able to enroll your GSD pup for IPO 1 as soon as they’re 18 months outdated. 

In the event that they go that preliminary stage which features a temperament take a look at, they’ll transfer on to IPO 2 (minimal age 19 months) and IPO 3 (minimal age 20 months). 

That mentioned, safety canine trainers advocate beginning coaching courses that embody bitework and excessive jumps as soon as your German Shepherd pet is 12 months outdated. 

Youthful GSDs shouldn’t do such a strenuous train to keep away from damaging their rising joints and progress plates.

In case you’re all for studying extra in regards to the Schutzhund sport, take a look at the United Schutzhund Membership of America right here.

Ought to I Communicate German to My German Shepherd?

It’s really widespread to make use of German obedience instructions in Schutzhund coaching, sure. 

Dutch and Czech are two different languages that instructions are ceaselessly taught in.

Stanley, my former long-haired GSD canine strolling consumer, began going to Schutzhund coaching when he was slightly over 12 months outdated.

His homeowners practiced instructions in German with him each day, and I keep in mind getting a print out of his German instructions as they requested me to make use of them on our walks as effectively.

Nonetheless, until you’re critical about turning your canine right into a safety canine, you don’t have to talk German to your German Shepherd.

How A lot Train Does a German Shepherd Want?

Heaps, ha!

German Shepherds want a minimal of two hours of bodily train per day, however usually talking, the extra train you possibly can present your GSD with, the extra they are going to thrive. 

Bear in mind, German Shepherds are high-energy, athletic canine bred to be lively all day lengthy, particularly if they arrive from a working line!

Bodily Train Concepts for German Shepherds

So far as bodily train, this is usually a mixture of walks, runs, bike rides, fetch and playtime. 

…and no, yard time alone doesn’t minimize it, though an enormous, fenced-in yard is nice for frisbee and ball time in addition to tug!

GSD in the grass

That is Nala, one among my former pet sitting shoppers. She was loopy about frisbees and balls.

GSD playing with green toy

Enjoying tug with a buddy’s senior GSD, Hannibal.

The West Paw Echo Zwig canine toys are nice for taking part in tug with German Shepherds as a result of it’s simple to carry them throughout playtime.

Certainly one of my favourite methods of accelerating the vitality and energy a canine burns on an everyday stroll or hike is by utilizing a doggie backpack. 

That’s a superb train hack if you happen to’re not massive on working or biking your self. 

I’ve examined a number of ones through the years and located that Ruffwear and One Tigris take advantage of sturdy canine backpacks. 

Though they’re not waterproof per se, they’ll take a downpour or dip within the lake or ocean no downside. All I’ve ever carried out is wipe them down and allow them to air dry, and voilà.

Psychological Stimulation for German Shepherds

Moreover offering a superb bodily exercise, canine backpacks additionally burn psychological vitality. That’s as a result of they make the canine deal with the job of carrying one thing. 

Different concepts for psychological stimulation for German Shepherds are video games like disguise & search, nostril work, deal with meting out canine toys, trick coaching in addition to working towards obedience instructions generally. 

In case your German Shepherd doesn’t get sufficient bodily and psychological train, they’ll get bored in a heartbeat.

As you in all probability know, bored canine can shortly turn into damaging as they work out methods of entertaining themselves. 

For instance, chewing up your furnishings and footwear, scratching doorways, raiding your kitchen trash can or digging up your flower beds. 

So do your self a favor and ensure your GSD will get loads of train each day.

Bear in mind, a drained canine is an effective canine, and that applies to German Shepherds as a lot because it does to another canine breed!

GSD Relaxing on wood floors

Former GSD consumer Remi pooped after an extended stroll.

Backside Line

So, how massive does a German Shepherd get? 

Effectively, German Shepherds are medium to massive measurement canine, to allow them to weigh wherever between 60-100 lbs. 

That mentioned, the common anticipated weight for a male GSD is between 75-90 lbs, and the common anticipated weight for a feminine GSD is between 60-75 lbs. 

Each attain sexual maturity someplace between 6-18 months and are thought of absolutely grown at in regards to the 2 12 months mark. 

Nonetheless, some (principally male) German Shepherds will proceed to bulk out till they’re 2.5 years outdated.  

Do not forget that your pet’s lineage performs an vital function of their anticipated measurement, together with the load and top of your GSD pet’s dad and mom and the road they arrive from. 

Holding that in thoughts, your GSD breeder ought to be capable to provide you with a superb common concept of how massive your German Shepherd pet will develop to be!

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