Causes To not Feed Your Canine a Uncooked Weight-reduction plan

There may be lots of misinformation and worry mongering on the market on causes to not feed your canine a uncooked food plan. I assumed I’d write about a few of these to indicate you that feeding a uncooked food plan shouldn’t be excellent, however it is usually not harmful.

My two canines have appeared to do effectively on a uncooked food plan. Feeding your personal canine a uncooked food plan is a good choice to think about, nevertheless it’s not for everybody.

Use this info as another piece to your ongoing analysis and do what’s greatest for you and your distinctive canine.

Causes to not feed your canine a uncooked food plan

Most of those are usually not exhausting causes to not feed your canine a uncooked food plan. As a substitute, they’re limitations or small dangers that it’s best to find out about.

reasons not to feed your dog a raw diet

1. It prices lots to feed a business uncooked pet food food plan

It’s much more costly to feed your canine a top quality uncooked pet food food plan vs a dry pet food. 

The bigger your canine or the extra your canine eats, the extra vital the price distinction will probably be. The identical is true in case you have a number of canines.

To offer you an thought, it prices me about $390 monthly to feed one of my 65-pound canines any of the business uncooked pet food diets. Or about $13 per day. Most of us can’t afford this for the long run. If you happen to can, nice!

By comparability, it prices me about $80 to feed the identical canine a higher-end dry pet food monthly. That is about $2.70 per day.

When you’ve got a smaller canine, then the price of feeding a business uncooked food plan shouldn’t be as outrageous and makes extra sense for the common particular person. 

Every of my two canines must eat about 2 kilos of uncooked meals per day. Once they eat dry meals, they every get about 4 cups per day.

Instance price of uncooked pet food monthly

A pattern uncooked pet food firm fees $6.50 per pound of uncooked meals. 

So, for one in all my canines that’s $6.50/lb x 2lb/day = $13 per day. 

For 30 days, that finally ends up being about $390 monthly ($13 x 30 days = $390).

The price remains to be about the identical even for those who feed a dehydrated or freeze-dried uncooked model. I regarded into these choices pondering I would have the ability to avoid wasting cash and was disenchanted. 

Price of home made uncooked pet food

The price of making your personal uncooked pet food can fluctuate enormously. 

In my expertise with three totally different raw-fed canines, I used to be in a position to reduce the price of business uncooked meals in half by feeding a home made food plan. 

I don’t feed a home made uncooked food plan anymore as a result of I didn’t benefit from the course of. It was traumatic for me and lots of work. Some folks benefit from the course of.

I’d purchase meat in as massive of portions as I may justify and blend in my very own fruits and veggies.

So in my case, it might price about $200 monthly to feed one 65-pound canine. That is about half the price of a business uncooked model and about twice as a lot as a dry pet food model.

Some individuals are in a position to get the price of a home made uncooked pet food down considerably by:

  • becoming a member of a uncooked pet food co-op
  • shopping for meat in large portions (reminiscent of shopping for a butchered cow)
  • searching large recreation like elk 
  • having connections with ranchers or hunters

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2. Causes to not feed a uncooked food plan – Home made uncooked pet food shouldn’t be nutritionally balanced

This argument can go both method. 

In fact, you don’t want to feed your canine a home made food plan that isn’t nutritionally balanced. Because of this, some vets will say it’s harmful or irresponsible to feed your canine home made meals.

I believe veterinarians are proper on this. Most individuals who feed their canines a home made uncooked food plan are in all probability not feeding sufficient number of meat and organ meat or the optimum quantity of uncooked bones. It’s not straightforward to seek out organ meat, and it’s not apparent what share of bone is in every reduce of meat.

Then again, no food plan goes to be excellent. The frequent “equation” uncooked feeders attempt to observe is 80% muscle meat, 10% organ meat and 10% bone over time – not essentially each meal.

If you are able to do that and attempt to combine up the forms of muscle meat and organ meat your canine eats, your canine will in all probability be simply wonderful. Right here is an article we wrote on the place to seek out organ meat to your canine.

There are additionally high-quality dietary supplements for canines out there today to assist stability out a home made uncooked food plan.

3. Difficult throughout journey

Another excuse to not feed your canine a uncooked food plan is for those who journey lots.

Touring with raw-fed canines is doable nevertheless it takes a bit extra planning as a result of you need to pack a cooler and ice to maintain the meals contemporary. 

This isn’t an enormous deal, however nonetheless one thing to think about. After I took my canine Remy on a number of lengthy highway journeys in the summertime I at all times needed to haul the cooler as much as my resort room at night time because it was so scorching out I didn’t need to depart it within the automobile.

The cooler additionally takes up additional area in your automobile. And, when you attain your vacation spot you’ll nonetheless must retailer the meat someplace – whether or not it’s in your cooler or somebody’s fridge or freezer.

I additionally took Remy tenting and needed to haul alongside a cooler for his meals and ensure it stayed chilly sufficient. These items are doable however inconvenient in comparison with feeding dry meals.

If you happen to board your canines, not all boarding kennels are keen to feed uncooked diets. I’ve been fortunate to have a boarding kennel that’s keen to feed my canines uncooked meals.

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4. Uncooked pet food takes up extra space for storing

Two weeks price of uncooked pet food can take up fairly a little bit of area in your freezer or fridge. 

To offer you an thought, 20 kilos of uncooked meals for my canines takes up about the identical quantity of area as two one-gallon milk jugs. It will feed one in all my 65-pound canines for 10 days.

If you wish to retailer greater than that, you may want an additional freezer simply to your pet food. 

5. Canines get sick from totally different meals

Regardless of what some vets let you know, it’s unlikely {that a} canine will get sick from the micro organism in uncooked meat. It is because a canine’s digestive system is designed for consuming uncooked meat!

Nonetheless, lots of canines do get sick from abruptly switching from one sort of meals to a different. So, for those who abruptly change your canine from a dry meals to uncooked meals, he may get a foul upset abdomen for just a few days. 

It relies on the canine, however my canines have at all times completed higher after I regularly change them from dry meals to uncooked meals by slowly mixing the 2 over per week.. 

That is no totally different than while you’re switching a canine from one dry model to a different. It’s normally greatest to combine the 2 over just a few days to assist them modify to the change.

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Will my canine get sick from uncooked meat?

There may be simply extra cleanup to take care of while you’re feeding a uncooked food plan. 

  • It’s best to wash the canine bowls repeatedly.
  • Pre-made uncooked meals will are available wrapping you’ll should throw away every time. It normally has blood on it and generally these leak and also you’ll should wipe out your fridge.
  • If you happen to’re making uncooked meals, you’ll have knives, reducing boards and storage containers to clean.
  • You’ll need to wash your personal palms afterwards.

I’m not saying any of it is a large deal. Simply that it takes additional time and never everybody has the time or power to fret about additional duties like this with regards to feeding the canine.

7. A canine may crack a tooth on a uncooked bone.

A canine may crack a tooth whereas chewing any sort of exhausting chew, whether or not it’s a uncooked bone, a cooked bone, an antler or numerous canine chew toys reminiscent of Nylabones.

Uncooked bones are literally one of many safer issues for many canines to chew as a result of uncooked bones are softer than cooked bones. 

The smaller the bone, the simpler it’s for a canine to chew. 

If you happen to keep on with softer, smaller bones like poultry bones, your canine needs to be simply wonderful and you shouldn’t have to fret about him cracking a tooth. Canines will simply crunch up and swallow poultry bones, they usually normally digest these small bones simply wonderful. Simply be sure to give your canine uncooked bones, not cooked bones.

Bigger uncooked bones reminiscent of beef soup bones or beef knuckle bones are the uncooked bones you need to be extra cautious with. There’s a small danger that your canine may crack a tooth on these bigger bones.

Some canines will take pleasure in chewing on beef bones for a very long time and never have any points – the identical method a canine would chew on a Nylabone or an antler. However some canines are very exhausting chewers and will chunk the bone excellent and find yourself fracturing a tooth. 

So, it helps to know your canine’s chewing fashion – in case you have extra of a “exhausting chewer” like my weimaraner, you won’t need to give him any uncooked beef bones. 

8. Low likelihood of an intestinal blockage

The prospect of a uncooked bone inflicting an intestinal blockage in a canine could be very low. Some vets like to make use of worry mongering although. It is because most vets shouldn’t have lots of expertise or coaching with uncooked diets.

So long as you’re feeding your canine smaller, softer uncooked bones reminiscent of hen thighs or hen quarters, he’ll chomp them up a bit and have the ability to digest them simply wonderful.

Canines have very environment friendly digestive programs, and they’re designed for consuming uncooked meat and uncooked bones. In the event that they swallow one thing they’re having hassle digesting, they are going to typically regurgitate it after which re-eat it! Disgusting, I do know, however environment friendly! 

If a canine has a blockage, it’s extra doubtless from swallowing cooked bones or non-edible items of toys like Nylabones. Nonetheless, there’s a small likelihood one thing like a big chunk of a uncooked beef bone may trigger a blockage.

9. Low likelihood of choking on the uncooked bones

Basically, the possibility of a canine choking on a uncooked bone can be very low. Canines are fairly good at self regulating and can chomp one thing up earlier than swallowing. They’re additionally good at digesting uncooked bones.

I bear in mind I used to be fearful the primary time I gave my canine Ace a uncooked hen thigh. He just about swallowed the thigh complete with simply two or three chomps and down the hatch it went inside 5 seconds! I quickly discovered that that is regular and completely wonderful.

Usually, you need to feed the canine chunks of meat and bone that he must not less than chomp on a bit earlier than swallowing. 

So, for my Lab-sized canines hen thighs are an excellent choice however hen wings are fairly small for them. For a smaller canine, both a hen wing or a thigh could be simply wonderful.

One other trick you should use is to feed the meals barely frozen. That makes it more durable for the canine to swallow and they’re going to typically chomp on it a bit earlier than swallowing.

10. Causes to not feed a uncooked food plan – most vets are usually not supportive of uncooked diets

Sadly, most vets are usually not educated or supportive about feeding a uncooked food plan. Nonetheless, as an increasing number of canine house owners are feeding uncooked, extra vets are studying about uncooked diets and getting on board.

If it’s necessary to you to have sincere discussions together with your vet about feeding a uncooked food plan, you may need to analysis totally different vets in your space till you discover a good match. I’m fortunate to have a number of veterinarians in our space, however I do know that some folks have restricted choices.

I hope this info will assist you perceive that feeding your canine a uncooked food plan is a good choice, however there are actually causes to not feed your canine a uncooked food plan. It doesn’t come with no few challenges, however uncooked diets are a wholesome choice for many canines.

Within the feedback, tell us in case you have any questions!

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