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Each canine breed has a set of medical circumstances they’re liable to. The Dachshund breed isn’t exempt.

There are frequent Dachshund well being points that each proprietor ought to concentrate on to allow them to hold a watch out for related indicators and signs.

This won’t solely assist you catch any points early, but it surely additionally provides you an inventory of choices to debate along with your veterinarian in case one thing appears “off” along with your canine.

Beneath are the highest 21 Dachshund well being points I’ve compiled from 10+ years of finding out the breed, having private expertise with over 100, and by studying from different Dachshund house owners.

A few of these well being points have an effect on Dachshunds due to genetics, some are orthopedic points associated to their measurement and form, some are age associated, and a few are simply dangerous luck.

The Prime 5 Well being Points in Dachshunds

Beneath are the well being points you’re almost definitely to see in Dachshunds.

These are those I’ve personally encountered most frequently and those that I see individuals steadily asking about in Dachshunds teams.

1) Again Issues

Dachshund again issues are the #1 most typical well being problem seen within the breed. 

One in 4 Dachshunds might expertise again points of their lifetime.

In Dachshunds, nearly all of again issues are attributable to Intervertebral Disk Illness (IVDD)

IVDD is a genetic situation that causes a Dachshund’s spinal disks to harden, dry out, and calcify at a younger age.

In accordance with the College of California – Davis College of Veterinary Drugs (UC Davis), one of many premier analysis services for IVDD within the US:

“A Dachshund’s lengthy again and quick limbs (legs) is attributable to Chondrodysplasia (CDPA), generally referred to as the dwarfism [gene], which interferes with the physique’s regular growth of cartilage.”

Nearly all Dachshunds have at the least one copy of the gene that causes IVDD as a result of it’s additionally what causes the unmistakable “lengthy and low” Dachshund look.

There could also be another genes concerned that haven’t been recognized but so, sadly, right now, there isn’t any dependable take a look at for IVDD

Disk ruptures, and a subsequent analysis of IVDD, usually happens between the ages of 4 and seven years outdated.

The very best issues you are able to do to assist reduce again points is hold your Dachshund at a wholesome weight, make certain they get sufficient muscle-strengthening train, and memorize the warning indicators of a Dachshund again damage so you’ll be able to catch and deal with it early.

2) Weight problems

The Dachshund is listed by Banfield Pet Hospital as one of many high 10 breeds at highest danger of weight problems. 

Some Dachshund house owners don’t think about pet weight problems a well being problem however the newest Affiliation for Pet Weight problems Survey exhibits many pet mother and father and veterinary professionals think about it a illness.

The issue is that a good portion of pet mother and father don’t know what their Dachshund ought to weigh and fail to acknowledge after they might lose a couple of kilos.

The identical research above discovered that solely 39% of canine house owners think about their pet chubby or overweight, which contrasts with quite a few stories indicating over 50% of canines and cats are chubby.

Being severely chubby can take years off your Dachshund’s life and result in a number of different well being points on this record, together with arthritis, and the next danger when going below anesthesia.

It could additionally affect the frequency and severity of disk rupture attributable to Intervertebral Disk Illness (IVDD) as a result of the additional hanging weight places stress on the backbone. 

A Dachshund can develop into chubby at any age but it surely’s most prevalent in Dachshunds that eat an excessive amount of, don’t train sufficient, and which have been spayed or neutered.

3) Cushing’s Illness (Hyperadrenocorticism)

Cushing’s Illness is brought about when the adrenal glands produce an excessive amount of of a steroid hormone referred to as cortisone.

It may be attributable to both a benign tumor on the pituitary gland or an adrenal gland tumor.

This hormone imbalance often develops slowly, largely happens in outdated age, and may simply be mistaken for indicators of growing older.

Cushing’s Illness signs embody extreme ingesting, urination accidents in the home, hair loss, elevated urge for food, and weight achieve. 

All of this stuff might be signs of different points too however Cushing’s is the commonest trigger, particularly after they all current on the identical time.

Fortuitously, Cushing’s is pretty treatable with oral medicines or surgical procedure to take away the adrenal glands.

4) Dental Points

Dachshunds are predisposed to dental points due to their small measurement, and the chondrodysplasia talked about above, may end up in the crowding of enamel within the jaw.

When enamel are overcrowded, they’ll put stress on one another, inflicting microscopic cracks that then develop into susceptible to periodontal illness.

Crowded enamel are additionally liable to entice meals, plaque, and calculus in between them, resulting in an infection and irritation.

One other Dachshund dental problem is damaged enamel.

Dachshunds are actually robust chewers (significantly, attempt to discover a toy they’ll’t destroy) and chew down onerous.

This mostly leads to a cracked or damaged molar, however canine enamel can break off too. 

A damaged tooth usually causes ache so it can must be eliminated.

You may assist hold your Dachshund’s enamel wholesome with a great house dental routine, which may embody brushing or cleansing your canine’s enamel with out a toothbrush.

You might also wish to think about the occasional anesthesia-free canine enamel cleansing from a licensed skilled to assist hold the buildup of tartar down.

In case your Dachshund’s enamel get actually soiled, otherwise you see indicators of an infection, they may seemingly require a radical cleansing, and x-ray, on the vet below anesthesia.

5) Pores and skin Points

Dachshunds are susceptible to 3 major pores and skin circumstances – irritation and yeast overgrowth, dry, flaky pores and skin, and alopecia (baldness).

Yeast and flaky pores and skin

Yeast overgrowth on the pores and skin in canines might be attributable to meals or environmental allergic reactions, hormonal imbalances, poor hygiene, immune system issues, antibiotic use, or extra moisture.

Dry, flaky pores and skin is most frequently attributable to bathing an excessive amount of, allergic reactions, or genetics.

The signs of each might be related and embody itching and scratching, pores and skin redness and irritation, and, within the case of a yeast an infection, greasy or oily pores and skin and a foul odor.

When you suspect the reason for your canine’s pores and skin points is a yeast an infection, and common bathing and preserving the pores and skin dry doesn’t make it go away, then it’s finest to seek the advice of along with your vet to find out the very best treatment.

Which will embody switching your canine’s weight loss program to keep away from allergens, medicated shampoos, topical lotions or ointments, and/or oral remedy akin to antifungal medicine.

In case your Dachshund is merely itching as a result of dry, flaky pores and skin, it’s possible you’ll wish to attempt bathing them rather less typically (that is how typically it is best to bathe your Dachshund) and including omega-3 fish oils to their meals.

Doing each of this stuff cured my first Dachshund’s itchiness and flaky pores and skin.

Altering your Dachshund’s weight loss program, and utilizing these suggestions to assist stop and tackle frequent Dachshund pores and skin circumstances, may also help too.


Baldness in Dachshunds is primarily attributable to one thing referred to as shade dilution alopecia (CDA).

This situation is most typical in “dilute” shade Dachshunds like blue and isabella and is related to the genes that trigger this coloring.

Due to this, there isn’t a lot you are able to do besides handle signs and assist with warmth regulation (with Dachshund jackets, and many others.).

Pinnal Alopecia – hair loss particularly on the ears – can also be frequent in Dachshunds and might be developed by any of them, no matter age or shade.

This situation can generally be mitigated by rubbing a pores and skin soothing balm or coconut oil on the ends of the ears however might require a vet go to in the event that they crack or get contaminated.

Different Potential Well being Issues

Whereas a number of the well being points listed beneath are much less frequent in Dachshunds, all of them happen steadily sufficient to say.

6) Meals Allergy symptoms

Meals allergic reactions happen when the immune system reacts abnormally to a protein or different ingredient within the canine’s meals. 

Dachshunds, like another breed, can develop meals allergic reactions, and a few could also be extra liable to it than others.

Allergy symptoms generally is a drawback on their very own however most usually exacerbate different points akin to pores and skin points and gastrointestinal issues. 

Pet food allergic reactions are additionally the commonest wrongdoer of ear infections, which may trigger a yeast overgrowth main to go shaking, scratching on the ears, and a foul odor.

Widespread meals allergens for canines embody beef, rooster, dairy, wheat, soy, and corn. 

Whether it is suspected that your canine might have a meals allergy, your veterinarian might suggest an elimination weight loss program.

Throughout an elimination weight loss program, your canine is fed a particular weight loss program consisting of novel proteins and carbohydrates for a number of weeks to see if the signs enhance. 

If the signs do enhance, the canine could also be allergic to a number of of the components of their earlier meals.

As soon as the allergen is recognized, you’ll be able to change to a pet food that doesn’t comprise the offending components, which can embody a uncooked weight loss program, kibble with out that supply of protein, or a prescription pet food beneficial by your veterinarian (I’m a proponent of attempting the previous two first).

7) Pes varus and pes valgus

Pes varus and pes valgus are each angular limb deformities that may happen in any breed, however are extra generally seen in achondroplastic, or dwarf, breeds akin to Dachshunds.

These circumstances are attributable to uneven progress of a pair of bones (bones sitting side-by-side), whereby one bone stops rising prematurely, inflicting the paired bone (which continues to be rising) to bend and twist. (supply)

Varus is a Latin time period which means bent inward whereas valgus is a Latin phrase that denotes being bent outward.

Pes varus, often known as “bow leggedness,” is a situation the place the legs bend outward on the knees, inflicting the toes to show inward

A Dachshund with pes varus is usually described as having a membership foot or as strolling like a cowboy.

Pes valgus is a situation the place the legs bend inward on the knees, inflicting the toes to show outward. 

This situation can also be generally known as a Queen Anne entrance (named for the furnishings type that was well-liked within the time of Queen Anne).

Each pes varus and pes valgus might be attributable to a wide range of elements, together with genetics, progress abnormalities, and trauma (like a fall or vigorously exercising a pet too quickly). 

Generally, these deformities are usually not sufficient to trigger an excessive amount of further stress on the joints and a Dachshund can dwell usually.

But when the deformity is excessive sufficient to trigger ache, discomfort, and hassle strolling, a Dachshund might require orthopedic gadgets akin to braces or splints, corrective surgical procedure, and/or bodily remedy.

Moreover, preserving your Dachshund at a wholesome weight and offering applicable train may also help scale back the chance of orthopedic points like pes varus.

8) Diabetes

Dachshunds, like another breed, can develop diabetes, and a few could also be extra liable to it than others.

In accordance with the American Kennel Membership (AKC), canines can undergo from two several types of diabetes.

Insulin-deficiency diabetes (sort 1 diabetes) happens when the canine’s pancreas is broken, or in any other case not functioning correctly, and isn’t producing sufficient insulin. 

That is the commonest sort of diabetes in canines and people with such a diabetes want each day pictures to interchange the lacking insulin. 

Insulin-resistance diabetes (sort 2 diabetes) happens when the pancreas is producing some insulin, however the canine’s physique isn’t using the insulin because it ought to. 

One of these diabetes can particularly happen in older, overweight canines.

Diabetes could cause a spread of signs akin to elevated thirst and urination, elevated urge for food, weight reduction, lethargy and frequent urinary tract infections.

In case your Dachshund is recognized with diabetes, remedy might embody insulin injections, dietary modifications, and common blood glucose monitoring. 

9) Luxating Patella

The phrase “patella” refers back to the kneecap. “Luxating” means misplaced.

Due to this fact, a luxating patella is an misplaced, or dislocated, kneecap.

Many canines, particularly small canines with bowed legs like Dachshunds, are liable to a luxating patella, as a result of the purpose of the patellar ligament attachment isn’t within the heart of the shin bone prefer it needs to be.

In canines with a luxating patella, the kneecap can transfer misplaced and catch (not transfer again into place) whereas strolling or exercising.

It could trigger ache and discomfort and trigger a Dachshund to skip, maintain one leg up within the air whereas shifting, or refuse to stroll.

If the situation is minor, it might not occur steadily sufficient that one thing must be completed about it or bodily remedy could also be beneficial to strengthen the encircling muscle tissue and ligaments.

Whether it is impacting a canine’s high quality of life an excessive amount of, surgical procedure could also be beneficial.

10) Hip Dysplasia

Folks most frequently hear about hip dysplasia in reference to bigger breeds just like the German Shepherd, however Dachshunds can undergo from the situation too (though a number of veterinarians have advised me that it’s uncommon).

Hip dysplasia is a genetic situation attributable to the irregular growth of the hip joint, which may end up in the ball and socket not becoming collectively correctly.

Signs embody ache, stiffness, problem getting up or down, reluctance to climb stairs or soar, lameness, and problem strolling.

Nonetheless, some canines with hip dysplasia might not present any signs in any respect.

In accordance with Pumpkin Pet Insurance coverage,

“Canine can begin displaying indicators of hip dysplasia as early as a couple of months outdated, however it’s most typical to begin seeing signs in canines one to 2 years of age.

Nonetheless, it’s doable to not see signs till in a while in a canine’s life, because the illness can develop alongside different illnesses akin to osteoarthritis.”

Remedy for hip dysplasia consists of weight administration, train modification, pain-managing medicines, joint dietary supplements, and surgical procedure.

11) Cancers/Tumors

Dachshunds have a higher-than-average danger of creating some cancers. 

This features a explicit danger of creating mast cell tumors and squamous cell carcinoma.

Dachshunds can even develop different varieties of cancers, together with testicular most cancers, lymphoma, osteosarcoma, Hemangiosarcoma, anal sac most cancers.

It’s necessary to examine your canine’s pores and skin recurrently for any irregular lumps on or simply below the pores and skin’s floor, together with on their toes, and to have your vet examine any lumps you discover.

Different indicators that your canine may need most cancers embody excessive losses in urge for food and/or vitality.

12) Cardiac Issues

Dachshunds can develop a number of varieties of coronary heart issues, together with mitral valve illness (MVD), dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), aortic stenosis (AS), and congestive coronary heart failure (CHF).

Out of that record, I’ve most frequently heard of Dachshunds with congestive coronary heart failure (CHF).

Nonetheless, because it seems, congestive coronary heart failure is a blanket time period for a situation the place the center is unable to pump blood successfully, resulting in a buildup of fluid within the lungs and different organs. 

CHF might be attributable to a wide range of underlying coronary heart circumstances, together with mitral valve illness (MVD), dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), and different congenital coronary heart defects.

Signs of CHF in canines can embody coughing, problem respiratory, decreased urge for food, lethargy, and weak spot. 

When you suspect your Dachshund could also be affected by CHF, it’s necessary to seek the advice of with a veterinarian as quickly as doable for correct analysis and remedy.

Remedy for CHF in canines might embody medicines to assist handle signs and enhance coronary heart perform, akin to diuretics to assist take away extra fluid, ACE inhibitors to assist dilate blood vessels and scale back blood stress, and/or constructive inotropes to assist enhance coronary heart contractility.

Along with remedy, a veterinarian might suggest dietary modifications and train restrictions to assist handle the situation. 

Whereas CHF generally is a critical situation, with applicable remedy and administration, many canines with CHF can lead wholesome and lively lives. 

13) Seizures

Dachshunds are liable to a number of neurologic issues, together with seizures and epilepsy.

As with people, seizures in canines are attributable to a misfiring of the mind or an imbalance of mind chemical compounds.

Signs can embody freezing right into a inflexible place, jerking motions, tremors, imbalance, extreme sleeping, or weak spot.

Throughout this irregular mind exercise, a Dachshund will basically be unconscious however nonetheless awake. 

Their physique will act in unusual methods, and so they won’t be able to listen to or reply to you.

I skilled one Dachshund seizure in particular person and the canine’s physique turned stiff, he acquired a vacant look in his eyes, and he stood in a single place swaying forwards and backwards a bit of.

I’ve heard of another Dachshunds urinating or defecating throughout a seizure.

I’ve been advised that Dachshunds with the dapple gene are genetically liable to common seizures (the one I described above was dapple and so is Summit’s sibling, who’s dapple and has seizures).

Wire-haired Dachshunds are vulnerable to a particular sort of epilepsy referred to as Lafora’s Illness (see beneath for extra).

In case your Dachshund has a seizure, the veterinarian will run exams. However do remember that generally a definite trigger can’t be discovered.

Remedy for seizures consists of anti-seizure medicines, dietary modifications, environmental modifications like decreasing stress and triggers and different therapies akin to acupuncture or CBD oil.

14) Lafora Illness

Lafora illness (LD) is an inherited, late onset, progressive myoclonic epilepsy.

It seems as temporary, shock-like jerks of a muscle or a bunch of muscle tissue that often solely lasts a second or two.

Any Dachshund can have it however there’s a excessive prevalence within the miniature Wirehaired Dachshund – as much as 20% of miniature wire hairs might be affected.

15) Eye Issues

Dachshunds are in danger for eye issues like cataracts, glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and dry eye (often called KCS, or keratoconjunctivitis sicca).

A few of these eye points are extraordinarily painful or could cause blindness if not handled straight away.

Dry eye could cause itchy, irritated eyes, eye redness, weepy eyes (discharge), or a cloudy look.

If one thing seems to be off along with your Dachshund’s eyes, otherwise you assume they might be shedding their sight, see your veterinarian for analysis and remedy.

Dachshunds can even have cherry eye, which is a situation the place the gland that produces tears prolapses (bulges out) from its regular place, inflicting a pink, swollen mass within the nook of the attention. 

Whereas this situation isn’t usually critical, it could trigger discomfort and require surgical procedure to appropriate.

I believe it’s additionally price mentioning that older canines can develop nuclear sclerosis (often known as lenticular sclerosis) as a traditional growing older of the lens throughout the eye. 

It causes a canine’s eyes to have a hazy, blue, cloudy look to them and is usually confused with glaucoma.

Nonetheless nuclear sclerosis is usually not painful and doesn’t intervene with a canine’s sight.

My senior Dachshund has lived with this situation for over 4 years and it doesn’t have an effect on her imaginative and prescient or high quality of life.

16) Liver Illness

Dachshunds are liable to sure varieties of liver illness, together with hepatic lipidosis (often known as fatty liver illness) and portosystemic shunts (PSS).

Hepatic lipidosis is a situation the place fats accumulates within the liver, resulting in liver injury and potential liver failure. 

Dachshunds are notably liable to this situation due to their predisposition to weight problems and since they’ve a genetic tendency to retailer fats of their liver. 

Signs of hepatic lipidosis in Dachshunds might embody lack of urge for food, weight reduction, vomiting, and jaundice.

Portosystemic shunts are a congenital situation the place blood circulate is diverted across the liver so it could’t successfully take away toxins from the bloodstream.

Signs of PSS in Dachshunds might embody poor progress, vomiting, lethargy, and seizures.

When you suspect your Dachshund could also be affected by liver illness, seek the advice of along with your veterinarian as quickly as doable for correct analysis and remedy. 

Remedy for liver illness in Dachshunds might embody dietary modifications, remedy, and/or surgical procedure.

17) Abdomen Points

It’s not unusual for Dachshund’s to expertise abdomen points.

Some are merely delicate to sure meals or abrupt meals modifications.

Others can undergo from gastroenteritis, a time period referring to abdomen points leading to irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE), and Inflammatory bowel illness (IBD).

Gastroenteritis has an underlying trigger akin to parasites, dietary points, and many others.

HGE can have related signs as gastroenteritis however has a extreme onset and no underlying trigger might be discovered.

The primary signs are bloody diarrhea and sudden onset.

IBD is a situation the place the liner of the abdomen and/or intestines turns into infected, resulting in signs akin to vomiting, diarrhea, and weight reduction. 

Dachshunds, due to their propensity to chew, and generally chew issues that aren’t really meals, are liable to intestinal blockages requiring surgical procedure to take away (my first Dachshund Chester wanted this surgical procedure twice).

Signs of a GI international physique in Dachshunds might embody vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache, and lack of urge for food.

Dachshunds are a deep-chested breed so can even develop gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), often known as bloat.

Bloat is a life-threatening situation the place the abdomen turns into distended and may twist, resulting in lowered blood circulate to the abdomen and different organs. 

Nonetheless, I’ve been advised by a number of veterinarians that this situation may be very uncommon in Dachshunds, regardless of their deep chests (different breeds that generally get it have deep chests too).

Signs of GDV in Dachshunds might embody restlessness, panting, vomiting, and a distended stomach.

To assist stop abdomen points in Dachshunds, it’s necessary to feed a high-quality weight loss program, present common train (however not heavy train instantly after consuming), and supervise your canine to stop them from consuming issues they shouldn’t.

Remedy for abdomen points might embody dietary modifications, remedy, and/or surgical procedure.

18) Immune System Issues

Dachshunds are liable to a number of varieties of immune system issues, together with allergic reactions, Immunodeficiency issues, and autoimmune illness.

Allergy symptoms have been coated above.

Immunodeficiency issues happen when the immune system is unable to perform correctly, resulting in elevated susceptibility to infections and different well being issues.

An autoimmune illness causes the immune system to assault the physique’s personal tissues and cells.

Dachshunds are liable to a number of varieties of autoimmune illnesses, together with immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, the place the immune system assaults the pink blood cells, and autoimmune thyroiditis, the place the immune system assaults the thyroid gland.

When you suspect your Dachshund could also be affected by an immune system dysfunction, it’s necessary to seek the advice of with a veterinarian as quickly as doable for correct analysis and remedy. 

Remedy for immune system issues in Dachshunds might embody remedy, dietary modifications, and/or immune system modulators.

19) Dementia

Dementia, or canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) syndrome, isn’t Dachshund-specific however it is not uncommon. 

CCD is a progressive and irreversible neurodegenerative dysfunction that impacts the mind, resulting in modifications in conduct, reminiscence, and cognitive perform. 

CCD is usually seen in older canines, and its signs might be much like these seen in human Alzheimer’s illness. 

The precise explanation for CCD isn’t totally understood, however it’s believed to be related to mind modifications akin to beta-amyloid plaques, oxidative stress, and neuronal dying. 

Signs of CCD in canines can embody confusion, disorientation, modifications in sleep patterns, lack of curiosity in actions, and modifications in social conduct. 

There isn’t a identified treatment for CCD, however early detection and remedy may also help handle the signs and sluggish the development of the illness. 

Remedy might embody remedy, dietary modifications, and environmental modifications.

Sadly, I needed to put my first Dachshund to sleep as a result of his dementia. 

20) Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a situation the place the thyroid gland doesn’t produce sufficient thyroid hormone, which may result in a wide range of well being points. 

Whereas any breed can develop hypothyroidism, some breeds, together with Dachshunds, could also be extra predisposed to this situation. 

Widespread signs of hypothyroidism in canines embody weight achieve, lethargy, hair loss, pores and skin points, and intolerance to chilly.

Younger dachshunds are likely to get this greater than older canines.

Hypothyroidism might be recognized via a blood take a look at that measures the degrees of thyroid hormones within the bloodstream.

In case your Dachshund is recognized with hypothyroidism, remedy might embody remedy to complement the lacking thyroid hormone. 

With applicable remedy, most canines with hypothyroidism can lead wholesome and lively lives.

Word: Hypothyroidism and Cushing’s illness (described above) are each hormonal issues, however they’ve completely different underlying causes and signs.

21) Double Dapple Dachshund

A double dapple Dachshund is one which had two dapple mother and father, which may occur on goal, could possibly be a results of unintentional breeding, or could possibly be a failure to well being take a look at to verify neither Dachshund mother or father is a hidden dapple.

Whereas double dapple isn’t a real well being situation in itself, a canine that has double dapple (merle) genes steadily have extreme well being points.

Double Dapple Dachshunds are sometimes mistaken for piebald Dachshunds due to the numerous quantity of white on their physique, however there are a couple of methods to inform them aside.

  • Piebalds solely have brown eyes. They’ll by no means have blue eyes, or one blue eye, or a blue tick in a watch (supply).

The American Kennel Membership (AKC) Dachshund breed customary additionally backs this up: “eyes are by no means partially or wholly blue as distinguished from the dapple sample.”

  • When you take a look at a piebald Dachshund head-on, the coloured areas will cowl each ears and be symmetrical – what you see on the left facet it is best to see mirrored on the fitting facet.
  • The coloured patches on a piebald have easy, rounded edges. Double dapples can have jagged patches of shade.
  • Double dapples typically have “starburst eyes” – The pupil (black spot within the heart of the attention) can have spiked, jagged, or irregular edges – or misshapen eyes.

The most typical well being points in double dapple Dachshunds are malformed ears, malformed eyes, and deafness and blindness.

Nonetheless, they’ll even have inner deformities and well being points that may’t be seen.

Most double dapples might be noticed as a result of their coat sample and misshapen eyes however a genetic take a look at can even verify.

As a result of double dapple is genetic, nothing might be completed besides handle the signs.

Closing Ideas

Though this record of Dachshund well being points could seem lengthy and scary, nearly all of these listed are merely prospects and never tremendous frequent.

Essentially the most prevalent Dachshund well being issues – those I’ve seen most frequently over the past 10+ years, are again issues (IVDD), allergic reactions, Cushing’s illness, seizures, enamel issues, pores and skin points, and weight problems.

Nonetheless, I needed to incorporate each well being situation I believe Dachshund house owners ought to concentrate on.

Crucial factor you are able to do to guard your Dachshund’s well being is to remember, know your canine’s regular so you’ll be able to rapidly detect any modifications, and see your veterinarian straight away if one thing appears off.

Moreover, working with a good breeder who screens their canines for genetic well being points may also help scale back the chance of your Dachshund creating orthopedic circumstances or different genetic well being issues.

Word: I’m not professional breeder or in opposition to rescue – I’m simply stating a truth

Every dog breed has a set of medical conditions they’re prone to and Dachshund breed is not exempt.

Here are 21 common Dachshund health issues that every owner should watch out for so they can spot associated signs and symptoms early.

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