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People have been utilizing canines’ sense of scent for hundreds of years for looking and looking. Their sense of odor is extra developed than people and most different animals. French bulldogs like different canines have an ideal sense of odor and as a Frenchie proprietor, you have to be conscious of what sort of scent sensitivities your canine has. If you understand how your French bulldog reacts to totally different scents it would assist you a large number in several conditions. On this weblog, we are going to take a look at the olfactory world of French bulldogs and focus on what sort of smells these beloved canines are not like most.

Understanding a French Bulldog’s Sense of Scent:

Chances are you’ll know among the scents that your French bulldog doesn’t like however to fully perceive this you must perceive their sense of odor fully. French bulldogs have a eager olfactory system their sense of odor will not be as developed as different sniffing breeds however nonetheless it performs a outstanding function of their each day life. Frenchies use their sense of odor to speak with different pets, discover their environment, and even word the modifications within the atmosphere.

French Bulldogs have nearly 220 million scent receptors of their nostril as in comparison with us people who’ve 5 million. These pups use their unimaginable sense of odor to maneuver round of their each day life. Resulting from their sensitivities to odor these pups have aversions and preferences with regards to totally different scents.

Widespread Scents French Bulldogs Could Dislike:

Robust Chemical Odors:

French Bulldogs are well-known for his or her sensitivities to robust chemical smells. Air fresheners, family cleaners, and totally different perfumes are overwhelming for these pups. There are specific chemical substances in these merchandise which can be irritating to their delicate noses and should even trigger discomfort.

Citrus Scents:

We, people, discover the colourful scent of citrus fruits very beautiful and calming however French bulldogs don’t like this odor with the identical enthusiasm. The citrus scent that’s current in several important oils and cleansing merchandise may be very displeasing to canines. Some pet house owners report that their Frenchies present indicators of discomfort when uncovered to the signal of citrus aromas.

Spicy or Pungent Smells:

French Bulldogs, like different pets, don’t just like the pungent and spicy odor. Sure spices, meals, and even herbs with robust smells might provoke a nasty response from these canines. It is very important find out about these scents and preserve your canine away when getting ready meals utilizing these fragrant substances.

Overpowering Perfumes:

Frenchies have a really eager sense of odor and robust perfumes could be disturbing for them. French bulldogs rely closely on their olfactory senses to navigate and perceive the environment and with robust perfume it would intrude all the method. That’s the explanation it’s suggested by vets to make use of unscented or gentle grooming merchandise when caring for your Frenchie.

Ammonia-Primarily based Cleaners:

Ammonia is a typical cleansing ingredient in a lot of the households. Nonetheless, their robust and pungent odor may be very irritating on your Frenchie. Utilizing pet-friendly different cleansing merchandise which can be particularly really useful for pets will create a protected and comfy atmosphere for these delicate canines.

Sure Medicinal Odors:

French bulldogs additionally don’t just like the scent of various drugs. Some medicines for animals have uncommon and robust smells and these pups can detect it even whether it is in small quantities. For those who really feel that your Frenchie exhibits discomfort whenever you use sure varieties of drugs then seek the advice of along with your vet to discover different choices.

Smoke and Tobacco Odors:

The persistent odor of tobacco or smoke may be very disagreeable for these canines. French bulldogs have a better sensitivity to smoke and when they’re uncovered to robust smoke it would have an adversarial impact on their well being. It’s essential to create a smoke-free atmosphere the place you may make sure the well-being of your pup.


French bulldogs don’t just like the robust odor of alcohol. We people have totally different associations with alcoholic merchandise and it will possibly simply evoke totally different associations. The canines as in comparison with us react in another way. They are going to begin sneezing, transfer their head in several instructions, and stroll away as shortly as attainable.

How you should use these scents to cease chewing in canines?

French bulldogs like different canines like to chew on various things like footwear and furnishings. You should utilize any of those robust smells to cease your pet from chewing various things. Simply rub a lemon peel or spray one among these merchandise on our door flap, or furnishings to keep away from chewing.

There are totally different chew toys additionally obtainable available in the market just like the Suction Frenchie Tug toy. Chewing is regular in younger canines and when you assume that nothing is working for them then get a chew toy on your pup.

When your pup performs with this toy it would relieve anxiousness and tedium they usually cease chewing.


If you perceive the sensitivities of your French bulldog and their response to totally different smells it would assist in creating a cheerful and comfy dwelling atmosphere for them. Whereas there are particular person preferences amongst Frenchie you have to be conscious of robust smells and create a constructive and fulfilling expertise on your pup. Being a accountable pet guardian it’s your obligation to create a scent-friendly ambiance that enhances the standard of their life.

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