What Is A Crimson Labradoodle? (Breed Info & High Care Sheet)

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The purple Labradoodle comes from crossing a purple or apricot poodle with a cream Labrador retriever or two purple Labradoodles.

The purple coloration of the coat has to come back from the poodle dad or mum within the preliminary cross breeding as Labradors don’t have naturally purple coats.

Crimson Labradoodle puppies are lovable teddy bear-like bundles of pleasure. Nevertheless, they do develop as much as be sizable bears who want folks or different pets round them to really feel safe.

Red Labradoodle

This implies they want somebody within the dwelling with them for almost all of the day.

Crimson Labradoodles have a medium to intensive grooming schedule relying on whether or not they’re extra like their poodle mother and father and are low-shedding or are extra like their Labrador mother and father and shed as simply as they wag their tail for a deal with.

Learn on to study what makes a purple Labradoodle a purple Labradoodle and if it’s the proper canine for you.

Primary Traits

Earlier than we get into the main points, let’s take a fast take a look at the primary traits of the Labradoodle.

Mother or father breeds: Labrador retriever and poodle

Peak: Normal 20 to 25 inches

Weight: Normal 50 to 60 kilos

Lifespan: 12 to fifteen years

Coat kind: Medium to lengthy, very curly to wavy

Coat shade: pale ginger to deep auburn

Key traits: Good with youngsters, simply skilled, could also be hypoallergenic/low shedding, extremely smart, plenty of grooming wanted, good with different pets, requires plenty of train

Mother or father Breed Historical past

To raised perceive the hybrid offspring of the Labrador retriever and the poodle, we have to perceive the place their dad or mum breeds come from and their key traits.

Poodle Breed Historical past

The poodle was bred by German and French waterfowl and small recreation hunters within the 18th century. The poodle would accompany the hunter, and as soon as the prey had been shot down, the poodle would velocity away and fetch the prey whether or not it was in freezing chilly water or dense thickets.

The usual poodle is sort of tall with lengthy legs, which helped it see over underbrush and spot the downed prey. Along with their lengthy legs, their coats have been bred to be thick and dense to guard their joints and organs from the chilly European waters.

The poodle is available in three dimension varieties: the usual, the miniature, and the toy poodle. Whatever the dimension of the canine, the poodle is an lively searching canine who wants loads of train and care.

Here’s a breakdown of the primary traits of the poodle:

Labrador Retriever Breed Historical past

The Labrador retriever is native to Newfoundland, Canada. It was bred to be the proper companion to waterfowl hunters via the late 18th century into the nineteenth century.

When hunters from England visited Canada, they discovered the retrievers to be charming and took some dwelling.

There, the hunters refined the breed and known as it the Labrador retriever–mockingly named because it really got here from Newfoundland!

The Labrador retriever would accompany the waterfowl hunters and dive into the icy waters of lakes and the North Atlantic sea to retrieve the birds as soon as that they had been shot down.

Labrador retrievers have been completely suited to this job, as their thick double coats would defend their our bodies from the chilly water, and their thick, robust tails would assist them flip and maneuver whereas swimming.

Here’s a breakdown of the primary traits of the Labrador retriever:

How Did The Crimson Labradoodle Come Into Being?

The poodle is thought for its low-shedding and comparatively “hypoallergenic” coat. To be clear, no canine is actually 100% hypoallergenic. Nevertheless, the poodle is as shut as you might get to it as a result of their coats don’t shed.

The Labrador retriever is a tried and examined service canine for folks with disabilities. They’re extremely clever, simply skilled, and pleasant canines.

Mainly, the thought course of behind creating the Labradoodle was: “if we mixed the Labrador’s brains and skill to behave as a service canine with the coat of the poodle, may we get a hypoallergenic service canine with all of the intelligence of each breeds?”

The reply was, after all, sure, and the Labradoodle has been a favourite amongst many service canine communities ever since.

The Labradoodle has additionally gained recognition as a hybrid breed in common households due to their lovable teddy-bear-like faces and clever eyes.

Sadly, there isn’t a variety of consistency within the hybrid. They have an inclination extra in the direction of the poodle facet or the Labrador facet, and there could be a massive selection in a single litter.

One purple Labradoodle pet could also be very low shedding, and one other might shed each single day.

This implies it’s as much as the person canine whether or not they’re thought of good service canine materials or not.

What Does A Crimson Labradoodle Look Like?

As I touched on earlier, there could be a variety of variation between totally different Labradoodles. Let’s check out what you may anticipate from the common Labradoodle’s dimension and coat.


Crimson Labradoodles tackle the scale of the dad or mum poodle. As talked about earlier on this article, there are three dimension variations of the poodle.

If a Labrador retriever is bred with a:

  • Normal poodle, it ought to be between 22 and 24 inches tall
  • Miniature poodle, it ought to be between 18 and 20 inches tall
  • Toy poodle, it ought to be between 14 and 16 inches tall


Let’s get right down to the purple a part of the purple Labradoodle.

Labradors are available in three distinct colours:

  • Black
  • Yellow/cream
  • Chocolate

You’d get the perfect “purple” end result through the use of a yellow or cream Labrador in breeding the Labradoodle.

Poodles are available in many various colours:

  • Apricot
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cafe au lait
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Crimson
  • Silver
  • Beige
  • White

To get a purple Labradoodle, the unique poodle dad or mum must be purple or apricot in shade. In successive generations, a purple Labradoodle may very well be bred with one other purple Labradoodle or a unique poodle with a purple coat to provide offspring with a deeper purple coat.

What Variety Of Temperament Does A Crimson Labradoodle Have?

By way of their total temperaments, Labradoodles can sway between the 2 dad or mum breeds fairly freely.

This implies you might get a Labradoodle that’s extra rambunctious and foolish just like the Labrador, or you might get a extra cool, calm, and picked up one just like the poodle.

Nevertheless, trying on the majority of Labradoodles, they’re fun-loving canines who adore their households, get pleasure from being round teams of individuals, don’t like being left alone, and can tackle as many duties as you can provide them.

Caring For Your Crimson Labradoodle

Proudly owning a canine is a privilege, and caring for his or her grooming and train wants is a non-negotiable accountability. Let’s check out what that accountability means in the event you personal a purple Labradoodle.


Labradoodles tackle the wavy to curly textured coat of the poodle. This implies they must be brushed no less than twice per week to forestall the coat from matting, turning into compacted, pulling on the pores and skin, or inflicting sores to develop.

As talked about beforehand, Labradoodles could also be low shedding or they might shed each day; it’s merely the luck of the draw.

In case your Labradoodle sheds each day, their coat will must be brushed each day, too. As well as, if their coat grows shortly like their poodle dad or mum, they’ll want a haircut each two to 3 months to maintain them snug.


Labradors and poodles are each high-energy canines. The Labradoodle will not be totally different. Your Labdradoodle requires an hour of train day by day to take care of its bodily well being in addition to tire it out mentally. 

Train can take the type of walks, hikes, coaching, impediment programs, or enjoying fetch. Labradoodles do want area to stretch their legs, so residences and condos should not ideally suited residing areas.

FAQs About Crimson Labradoodles

When are purple Labradoodles thought of full grown?

A Labradoodle is taken into account an grownup or full grown when it’s two to 3 years outdated. For a extra detailed take a look at the Labradoodle’s lifespan and life phases, take a look at our devoted article.

Barking Off On Crimson Labradoodles…

Crimson Labradoodles are stunning canines who’ve a variety of love and affection to provide their households. These canines are the product of a cross between a purple poodle and a cream labrador or successive breeding of purple Labradoodles.

Let’s do a fast recap of their important traits of purple Labradoodles:

Mother or father breeds: Labrador retriever and poodle

Peak: Normal 20 to 25 inches

Weight: Normal 50 to 60 kilos

Lifespan: 12 to fifteen years

Coat kind: Medium to lengthy, very curly to wavy

Coat shade: Pale ginger to deep auburn

Key traits: Good with youngsters, simply skilled, could also be hypoallergenic/low shedding, extremely smart, plenty of grooming wanted, good with different pets, requires plenty of train

As they’re a hybrid canine breed, there isn’t any assure of how every particular person canine will prove. There could be a large amount of variation in a single litter of Labradoodles even after breeding successive generations of Labradoodles collectively.

Lastly, this desk outlines the primary traits of the common purple Labradoodle pup, however take note your purple Labradoodle might sway to both dad or mum for one attribute and to the opposite dad or mum for an additional attribute.

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