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By Savannah Admire
nearly wild cat bengal
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In the event you’ve fantasized about having a wild cat as a pet (similar to Jasmine in Aladdin), you could have heard of domesticated wild cat breeds. Created by crossing a home cat with a small wild feline species, these cats have been bred to look unique however act as tame as some other home cat. These breeds, also referred to as “cat hybrids,” nonetheless have wild traits, nevertheless, and require much more care and a spotlight than most home cats. 

Right here’s every part that you must find out about wild home cat breeds.

Domesticated Wild Cats

Cats haven’t been domesticated almost so long as canines, which is why they keep a few of their extra wild traits, like their stealthiness and looking instincts. Jungle cat hybrids are even much less tame than conventional home cats as a result of they’re extra not too long ago descended from wild cats.

What’s a domesticated wild cat? 

Domesticated wild cat breeds are a cross between a wild cat, like a Serval or Asian Leopard, and a home cat. These cats have been bred to create tame cats with the personalities of typical home cats combined with the unique and gorgeous appearances of untamed cats.  

Can domesticated wild cats be saved as pets? 

These cats are particularly bred to be bought as pets, typically for hundreds of {dollars}. Breeders typically promise that these wild home cats are tame, however they haven’t any approach of realizing what traits or qualities have been bred out of every technology. 

Later generations of domesticated wild cat breeds are inclined to have fewer traits of their wild ancestors, however they typically nonetheless have extra wild qualities than most home cats. Whereas these cats will be saved as pets, they require considerably extra care, train, and a spotlight than the common home cat, so suppose twice earlier than adopting considered one of these breeds until you’ve got the time to decide to their care.  

How are domesticated wild cats totally different from common home cats?

Domesticated wild cats can have lots of the identical traits as common home cats, like being affectionate and dependable to their human mother and father, however these cats additionally retain extra of the wild traits of their unique ancestors. 


Hybrid cat breeders mark every technology with F adopted by a quantity; the quantity signifies how far eliminated the cat is from their wild ancestor. For instance, an F1 cat is from the primary technology and can seemingly nonetheless require a food plan of uncooked meat and be a lot wilder than later generations. Generations labeled F4 or later are thought of domesticated jungle cats, however they typically nonetheless possess lots of the traits and behavioral points related to earlier generations.  


Home wild cats are bred to have the distinctive coloring and look of their wild ancestors, which may embody spots or mottling just like that of a leopard or cheetah.


Whereas home wild cat breeds can nonetheless have wild instincts and be very mischievous, these cats can be loving and cuddly with their human mother and father. These breeds are usually extremely smart and will be educated to be taught methods — and, in actual fact, investing time and vitality in coaching your home wild cat as a pet may also help cut back damaging behaviors. 

Care necessities

Not like most cats who’re content material to laze round the home every day and entertain themselves, home wild breeds want consideration, psychological stimulation, and enrichment. Put money into puzzles, video games, and new toys in a wide range of textures and shapes to maintain them occupied. 

Due to their lively and athletic nature, wild home cats additionally want common train. These breeds can profit from leash coaching to allow them to accompany you on day by day walks. Make certain to have loads of locations in your house for them to climb, scratch, and play. In case your home wild cat doesn’t have these designated areas, they might flip their consideration to destroying your furnishings and different gadgets in your house. 

What are some common domesticated cat breeds with a wild look?

There are domesticated wild cat breeds which you could undertake from a rescue or shelter if you’re able to decide to their care. However in order for you a cat with a wild look that’s nonetheless absolutely domesticated, think about different breeds that look wild however have the temperament of a standard home cat.

domestic wild cat bengal
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Probably the most common domesticated wild cat breeds is the Bengal, which is a cross between an Asian Leopard and a home cat (often an Egyptian Mau). The Asian Leopard is among the smallest wild cats, and this hybrid is extremely energetic and clever. Like most domesticated wild cats, Bengals profit from coaching, tons of train, and loads of psychological stimulation. They preserve the Asian Leopard’s coat sample, which options spots and marbling, and luxuriate in taking part in in water and climbing.

domestic wild cat savannah cat being petted
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A mixture of the Serval and a home cat, the Savannah is the second hottest wild hybrid cat breed. With their gorgeous coat, this cat appears to be like very like their wild ancestor, a noticed, long-legged wild cat from sub-Saharan Africa. The Savannah is extraordinarily adventurous and enjoys exploring however can be very affectionate and dependable to their human mother and father. Their coats will be brown, silver, snow, or charcoal, and in contrast to the same fully-domestic Ocicat, these cats are usually on the bigger facet, weighing as much as 25 kilos. 

Just like the Bengal, the Savannah is a wild cat hybrid, which implies they might retain many wild traits and require further care and a spotlight. Some states and cities have legal guidelines in opposition to proudly owning these wild cats as pets, so be sure you verify your native rules earlier than adopting a Savannah.

black norwegian forest cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

If you would like a cat with a wild — even fairytale-like — look however all of the cuddly traits of a standard home cat, think about the Norwegian Forest Cat. Not like the Bengal and Savannah, this breed is absolutely domesticated and originated in Norway, the place they lived within the forests for tons of of years. With their giant, muscular our bodies and coats in a wide range of colours and patterns, the Norwegian Forest Cat makes for the proper snuggly companion, pleasant and delicate with different folks and animals. As an alternative of untamed cats, pets just like the Norwegian Forest Cat are an ideal alternative for first-time pet mother and father or these with youngsters.

wild-looking maine coon cat
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Maine Coon

One other home cat breed with a wild look is the huge Maine Coon. These giant cats are very swish regardless of their dimension, and their tufted ears, fluffy tails, and opulent coats are harking back to wild felines. Referred to as the “canines of the cat world,” the Maine Coon is a delicate large, affectionate towards their human mother and father and different pets in the home, making them a implausible alternative for households with youngsters. As an alternative of untamed cat breeds, home cats just like the Maine Coon give the looks of wildness with the cuddly temperament of a tame home cat. 

What are the professionals and cons of domesticated wild cats? 

Domesticated wild cats are lovely pets, however they often require extra care than most conventional home cats, making them a poor alternative for many cat mother and father. Be sure you think about your life-style and whether or not you’ve got the time and area to commit to a domesticated wild cat breed earlier than adopting one.  


Practically wild cat breeds are sometimes very clever and affectionate, able to studying methods and adapting nicely to coaching. These breeds can be very playful and lively, which may make them nice companions for individuals who lead lively life. With the correct amount of leash coaching, they will be part of you on walks and hikes. Domesticated wild cats even have attractive coloring, due to their unique ancestry, giving them the elegant look of untamed cats. 


Practically wild cat breeds will be extremely costly, typically costing a number of thousand {dollars} from breeders. In addition they require loads of consideration and train and should exhibit damaging and even harmful behaviors if not correctly educated and bodily and mentally stimulated. 

These cats additionally are inclined to have pricey diets, as they typically require high-quality cat meals and uncooked meat. In addition they will be predisposed to develop well being points which will require costly surgical procedure or remedy. As well as, not all vets take care of domesticated wild cats, so it could be difficult to search out correct healthcare in your cat. There are additionally no rabies vaccines permitted to be used in hybrids. 

Some almost wild cat breeds can be fairly territorial and aggressive, so you probably have different pets within the house or young children, these cats are seemingly not for you, as they’ve been recognized to “hunt” and even harm others within the house who they view as prey. As well as, these breeds will be very damaging, and lots of by no means adapt to utilizing a litter field, leading to fixed cleanup. 

The place to Discover and Undertake Domesticated Cat Breeds with a Wild Look

Breeding domesticated wild cat breeds is commonly unethical, particularly as a result of there’s little to no oversight for these breeding services. In the event you really feel ready to deliver considered one of these cats into your house, discover a rescue that makes a speciality of domesticated wild cat breeds. It’s all the time greatest to undertake a cat in want.


Domesticated wild cat breeds are stunningly lovely pets, however they require a big quantity of additional care and a spotlight making them not ultimate pets for many pet mother and father. Earlier than adopting a Bengal or Savannah cat, be sure you think about whether or not you’ve got the time and price range for his or her distinctive food plan, veterinary care, and bodily and psychological train. 

In the event you want to undertake a cat with a wild look that’s absolutely domesticated, think about different breeds just like the Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coon, each of which will probably be simpler to take care of and can do higher with different people and animals within the house.

Practically Wild Cat Breed FAQ

How do domesticated wild cats differ from common home cats?

Domesticated wild cats typically retain wild behaviors of their unique ancestors, together with a uncooked meat food plan, not utilizing a litter field, and being extra vocal than home cats. 

Can domesticated wild cats be saved as pets? 

They are often pets, however are very difficult to take care of, requiring loads of train, psychological stimulation, frequent vet visits, and coaching to scale back damaging conduct. 

Do domesticated wild cats require particular care or lodging? 

Domesticated wild cats want loads of train, each bodily and psychological, in addition to loads of room to run and play, further veterinary care, and a specialised food plan.  

Are domesticated wild cats more difficult to coach or socialize?

Sure, wild cat hybrids will be more difficult to coach and maintain as pets. These breeds have wild personalities in comparison with most home cats, however are clever and will be educated. They are often difficult to socialize with different pets.

What are the potential challenges of proudly owning a domesticated wild cat?

Challenges embody their tendency to urinate exterior a litter field. They’re additionally recognized to chunk, even whereas taking part in, and should try to assault different pets within the house.  


Savannah Admire is a author, editor, and pet mum or dad to 2 canines and a cat. When she’s not writing, you will discover her studying, taking part in Animal Crossing, or being an obnoxious nerd about her favourite motion pictures and TV exhibits. She lives in Maryland, the place she continuously debates whether or not or to not get a 3rd canine.

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