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woman holding fluffy persian cat
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When you go fluffy, you don’t return. There’s nothing like sinking your fingers right into a fluffy, purring cat who’s heat and comfortable in your lap — and, fortunately, most breeds on this record have affectionate, docile personalities and would love that spotlight. In the event you’re trying to undertake, although, don’t neglect an everyday home cat may be blessed with beautiful fluff, too.

It’s price mentioning, although, that dense fur requires common grooming to maintain it wholesome and freed from mats and tangles, so preserve that in thoughts earlier than deciding if this can be a dedication you’ll be able to sustain with.

Fluffy Cat Breeds

Fluffy siberian cat
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1. Siberian

The Siberian cat has a thick, fluffy coat designed to guard them from the cruel Siberian local weather from which they originated — however which can be pleasant for people to sink their fingers into. This breed has a spherical face and expressive eyes that may be inexperienced, gold, or copper. Their spectacular coats are waterproof and made up of three layers, which assist these cats preserve cool in the summertime. Nonetheless, Siberian cats want a colder local weather for optimum consolation. Extremely, given their gorgeous coats, Siberian cats often solely must be brushed as soon as every week, although must be brushed extra throughout heavier shedding seasons within the spring and fall.

fluffy maine coon
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2. Maine Coon

As their title signifies, the Maine Coon is from the state of Maine. They’re additionally the most important breed of home cat, and all their fluff makes them look even greater. They develop lengthy, thick coats that pop up in tufts round their ears and paws and want common brushing. These massive fluffy cats require a variety of train, play, and a spotlight. Whereas they’re pretty high-maintenance cats, they’re additionally amazingly clever and pleasant. If you would like a dog-like companion within the physique of a large feline, that is the breed for you. They do greatest with one other kitty companion on the premises.

fluffy white persian cat on bed
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3. Persian

The Persian cat is known for having lengthy, luxurious fur. Actually, Persians are one of many oldest cat breeds; they’ve been in style pets for hundreds of years. All these years of being liked and pampered have made them very sweet-natured. Persians are identified for his or her luxurious fluffy coats, mild personalities, and for looking for out consideration and cuddles. They require common grooming to stop matting and tangles, however additionally they love consideration, so no less than they received’t make it exhausting for you.

fluffy brown ragdoll cat
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4. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats earned their title for his or her tendency to go limp within the arms of their people as quickly as they get up, displaying their trusting and loving nature. They’ve a delicate and silky medium-length coat that is available in quite a lot of colours and patterns and vibrant blue almond-shaped eyes. These fluffy cats want a variety of consideration and cuddling, with somewhat play thrown in to remain pleased.

fluffy white himalayan cat
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5. Himalayan

The Himalayan cat is a cross between a Persian and a Siamese, and whereas blended breeds can have variations of their genetics and look relying on what they inherit, the Himalayan manages to be constantly fluffy. This breed often has a rounded face with the snub nostril of a Persian, which provides them a humorous expression. Himalayans are sometimes described as “lap cats” and have mild personalities; they need nothing greater than to observe you round till you sit down they usually can climb in your lap. These laid-back fluffy cats benefit from the firm of youngsters and make nice household pets.

Fluffy cat American Curl
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6. American Curl

American Curl cats acquired their title from their curled ears. The breed originated in California within the Nineteen Eighties when a stray cat with curled ears was discovered and bred with different home cats. Due to the variations amongst these domestics, the uncommon breed can now be lengthy or short-haired, in addition to quite a lot of colours, together with tabby. These fluffers have pleasant personalities and hearty constitutions.

fluffy cat norwegian forest
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7. Norwegian Forest

Originating in Northern Europe, the Norwegian Forest cat is happiest in chilly climates because of their thick wooly undercoat, water-repelling prime coat, and fluffy tail. From that description alone, you’ll be able to in all probability inform this breed wants a variety of brushing. They’re pleasant and sociable however have an impartial streak and don’t love being picked up. They’ll make themselves scarce in the event that they really feel overwhelmed however are very loyal to their pet mother and father and are generally in comparison with canines for his or her loyalty.

fluffy cat breed birman
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8. Birman

Birman cats originated in Southeast Asia and are coveted for his or her gorgeous blue eyes, fluffy and silky coats, and distinctive pointed coloring. They’ve candy, spherical faces and a pure beatific expression. They’re social cats who like to be round individuals and different pets, and are notably fond of youngsters, which, let’s be actual, isn’t a standard cat attribute. These cats like to play with toys and do different difficult actions that preserve them engaged. They’re very loyal and are identified for greeting their pet mother and father in all their lovable fluffy glory on the door once they come house.

fluffy calico tabby cat
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9. Home Longhair

The Home Longhair isn’t a particular breed however slightly a time period used to explain blended breed cats with lengthy floofy coats of assorted colours and patterns, together with tabby, tortoiseshell, and calico. Home Longhairs are available in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, however one factor is for certain — they know make an announcement. Their playful and affectionate personalities and gorgeous coats make them the right companions for any cat lover.

How a lot do fluffy cats shed?

Fluffy cats are actually liable to shedding, however the quantity can range relying on the cat and the season. Shedding may be extra noticeable throughout the spring and fall when cats are shedding their winter or summer time coats.

There may be such a factor as an excessive amount of shedding: in case you discover extreme shedding or any bald patches in your cat’s coat, it’s a good suggestion to seek the advice of your veterinarian to rule out any underlying well being points, or decide in case you’re over-brushing.

Grooming suggestions for fluffy cats

Common grooming will help scale back shedding by eradicating unfastened fur and distributing pure oils all through the coat. Brushing your fluffy cat each day or just a few occasions every week will help stop mats and tangles and scale back the quantity of fur that finally ends up in your furnishings and clothes. Listed below are some suggestions for grooming fluffy cats to maintain their lengthy fur wholesome and easy.

Brush, brush, brush

Ideally, brushing ought to occur each day or no less than just a few occasions every week. Use a wide-toothed comb or a slicker brush to softly take away tangles and knots, ranging from the top, then working your method down the physique. Watch out to not pull on the fur as a result of that can possible make your cat reluctant to cooperate. You need your fluffy cat to have good associations with brushing. Gently work via the knot together with your fingers or a comb till it’s utterly detangled.

Common bathing

Relying on their life-style and coat, some fluffy cats must be bathed each few months. Seek the advice of your vet in case you suppose bathing your cat will likely be a difficulty — brushing may very well be sufficient if they appear in good well being and mat free.

Use detanglers

Use a light, cat-specific shampoo, observe the directions on the bottle, and rinse your cat completely in order that they don’t find yourself licking residue. For cussed tangles and mats, you should use a detangling spray to loosen the knot.

Different grooming wants

You too can give your  fluffy cat somewhat trim round downside areas, corresponding to their butthole or paw pads. Test for ingrown nails whilst you’re down there and provides these a trim, too. With the fitting instruments and methods, you’ll be able to preserve your fluffy cat Instagram-ready all 12 months spherical.

Are you contemplating adopting a fluffy cat?

In the event you’re searching for the right feline companion, contemplate adopting a fluffy cat out of your native rescue or shelter at present!


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