The Disclosed and the Non Disclosed – Reality about Pet Meals


In most US states, uncooked milk (un-pasteurized) is allowed to be offered for pet consumption. However, uncooked milk pet merchandise are required to reveal they’re ‘uncooked’. AAFCO has particular rules for uncooked milk pet merchandise which require the next disclosure to be “displayed in a conspicuous method” on the label:


This required label disclosure is honest. Most customers are acquainted with pasteurized milk merchandise, thus when a product is just not pasteurized it’s required to be disclosed to the buyer. Pet homeowners needs to be knowledgeable to what they’re shopping for.


Customers within the US are additionally acquainted with USDA inspected and handed meats. This high quality of meat is the ONLY high quality of meat offered to US customers (federal regulation requires all meals to solely make the most of USDA inspected and handed meats) thus it’s the ONLY high quality of meat they know.

Nonetheless in pet meals, the FDA makes an exception to what’s acquainted to customers. The FDA permits pet meals to make use of non-inspected and/or non-passed meats (condemned) – that are unlawful to make use of in any meals, human or animal meals.

Former FDA Director of Middle for Veterinary Drugs – Dr. Steven Solomon – said in 2019: we don’t consider that using diseased animals or animals that died in any other case than by slaughter to make animal meals poses a security concern and we intend to proceed to train enforcement discretion.”

Thus…regardless that the pet meals label consists of the acquainted ingredient (as instance) “Hen”, the rooster in pet meals might be one thing VERY UNFAMILIAR to you.

However, in contrast to with uncooked milk for pets, there may be no required disclosure for non-inspected, condemned meats. No AAFCO regulation, no FDA rule, nothing.

In July 2022 we submitted a Citizen Petition to FDA evidencing that federal regulation requires disclosure to pet meals customers. Particularly we evidenced that federal regulation doesn’t permit two substances to have the identical frequent identify if they’re completely different classifications of meals. Corresponding to human meals ‘rooster’ which is required to be USDA inspected and handed and pet meals ‘rooster’ which FDA permits to be condemned and/or non-inspected.

Particular to animal meals, federal regulation states: “The frequent or common identify of a meals, which can be a coined time period, shall precisely determine or describe, in as easy and direct phrases as doable, the essential nature of the meals or its characterizing properties or substances. The identify shall be uniform amongst all an identical or comparable merchandise and might not be confusingly much like the identify of every other meals that isn’t moderately encompassed inside the identical identify.

In no unsure phrases, federal regulation requires pet meals ‘rooster’ (feed grade) which is NOT required to be USDA inspected and handed to have a distinct identify than human grade ‘rooster’ which IS required to be USDA inspected and handed. Federal regulation requires these two ingredient names can’t be “confusingly comparable”.

Sadly, nineteen months later the FDA has nonetheless NOT responded to our Citizen Petition. So…as issues at the moment stand…

With uncooked milk, regulatory calls for customers be told.

However with unlawful (allowed by FDA) condemned animal materials, regulatory refuses to warn customers.

(It’s virtually as if there’s a secret non-disclosure settlement between FDA and feed grade pet meals that make the most of condemned animal materials.)

Till FDA requires disclosure of condemned materials allowed in pet meals, pet homeowners have to be diligent asking producers: Are substances in your pet meals human grade or feed grade?

To be taught extra concerning the variations between human grade substances and feed grade substances, Click on Right here.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the most effective,

Susan Thixton
Pet Meals Security Advocate
Writer Purchaser Beware, Co-Writer Dinner PAWsible
Affiliation for Reality in Pet Meals

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