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From time to time I get a message from a reader who’s going through getting evicted due to their Dachshund’s extreme barking or who’s contemplating surrendering their Dachshund to a shelter due to it.

They ask me, “Ought to I Use a bark collar for my Dachshund?”

My ideas and opinions on bark collars have developed through the years as I’ve discovered extra about canine conduct and coaching, and as extra research on punishment and canine conduct have come to mild.

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I used a bark collar on my first Dachshund Chester as a result of I didn’t know something about canine conduct or coaching and that’s what was advisable to me.

It labored.

His barking lowered and finally I simply needed to present him the collar to get him to close up.

However I additionally assume again on these recollections within the context of what I do know now, and a few of what I noticed through the time I used a bark collar on him breaks my coronary heart a little bit.

However the backside line is, I’ve seen a bark collar work, and I do assume utilizing one is a viable choice if it’s a dire state of affairs and all different choices have been exhausted.

Learn on to study extra about bark collars for Dachshunds and  the professionals and cons of utilizing one.

What’s a Bark Collar?

A canine bark collar is a tool that’s particularly designed to discourage a canine from barking.

It usually works by detecting the canine’s barking by way of microphone then emitting a loud noise, giving a gentle electrical shock (generally known as a static shock), vibrating, or spraying a deterrent like citronella oil.

Those that administer a shock or vibration usually have a number of ranges starting from 2-7.

The one I used on Chester had a setting I may alter to a better stage if it wasn’t working.

I’ve seen some bark collars that alter the depth robotically, thus beginning at a low stage and escalating to the best if a canine doesn’t cease barking.

Some bark collars will administer the deterrent constantly till a canine stops (or doesn’t).

Some these days have a “security” mode, the place the collar will shut off after administering a sure variety of corrections (7-15 on those I’ve seen), or will give the canine a break for minute or two and begin once more.

Twenty years in the past when my first Dachshund was a pet, folks discussing a bark collar had been referring to the sort that emits an electrical shock.

Though that’s nonetheless what most individuals consider whenever you say bark collar, the opposite choices are rising in popularity.

What’s the Distinction Between a Bark Collar and an eCollar?

I need to take a minute to clarify the distinction between a bark collar and an eCollar for canine.

Many individuals get these two gadgets confused, or don’t know there’s a distinction. 

That was me however I’ve discovered extra about every of those over the previous few years.

A canine bark collar is a tool that’s particularly designed to discourage a canine from barking.

It really works by administering a deterrent when the canine barks.

This “punishment” is triggered by the canine themselves after they bark (though I’ve seen at the very least one mannequin that had a distant so the proprietor may ship the stimulation).

A canine e-collar, often known as an digital collar or distant coaching collar, is a tool that’s utilized by an proprietor to coach and management a canine’s conduct. 

In my thoughts, I consider it as an digital clicker that delivers a “stimulation” (canine trainers that use this know-how don’t like to make use of the time period shock) when the coach chooses to use it.

Abstract of the variations

In different phrases, the punishment delivered by a bark collar is mostly “administered by the canine to themselves” after they bark and it’s supposed to punish the canine in order that they study that barking is unhealthy and cease.

Whilst you can usually alter the degrees of shock delivered by a bark collar, there are few and there are massive jumps in between ranges.

An eCollar is managed by the human utilizing it as a part of an general canine coaching technique (conduct modification).

It may be used to right a variety of behaviors, reminiscent of barking, digging, leaping, biting, and escaping. 

The electrical stimulation emitted from a high-quality eCollar could be adjusted in incremental ranges (usually 1-100) to go well with a canine’s sensitivity stage.

Different Forms of Bark Collars

Like I mentioned, most individuals consider a “shock collar” when they’re contemplating a bark collar.

Nonetheless, It’s value noting although that not all bark collars and e-collars ship electrical shocks.

Some use different strategies reminiscent of ultrasound, vibration, or citronella spray to discourage barking. 

All three of those different forms of bark collars are thought-about to be extra humane than electrical shock bark collars, as they don’t trigger discomfort or ache to the canine and so they’re much less prone to trigger damaging unwanted effects, reminiscent of concern or aggression.

Additionally of be aware, a few of these different forms of bark collars make a warning beep or tone earlier than the stimulation/punishment, so the canine can study to reply to the beep alone as a cue.

Citronella Bark Collar

Citronella bark collars use a canine’s sense of odor to discourage a canine from barking excessively. 

They work by releasing a burst of citronella spray, a strong-smelling odor that’s offensive to a canine, close to the canine’s nostril when the collar detects barking. 

The idea is that the disagreeable odor of the citronella will startle the canine and interrupt the barking, and the canine will finally study to affiliate the disagreeable odor with its barking and cease the conduct.

Research by the Animal Conduct Clinic at Cornell’s School of Veterinary Drugs recommend that citronella oil bark collars is perhaps more practical than electrical shock collars (supply).

Nonetheless, it’s essential to notice that not all canine are equally affected by citronella. 

Some canine could also be detached to the odor, others might discover it nice, and some canine might have a damaging response to it because the citronella oil is poisonous to canine (the collars solely include a small, in all probability inconsequential, quantity of the oil although).

Citronella collar unwanted effects embrace a rash from topical publicity and despair, hypothermia, vomiting, and weak point if the oil is ingested.

In case you choose to make use of this sort of bark collar, you’ll want to monitor your pet carefully for any response, you’ll want to clear the oils out of your canine’s fur in the event that they construct up, and talk about the protection of citronella oil together with your veterinarian you probably have a pup with medical circumstances reminiscent of respiration difficulties.

Vibrating Bark Collar

A vibrating bark collar is a kind of bark collar that makes use of vibration to discourage a canine from barking excessively. 

It usually works by emitting a collection of vibrations at a selected frequency and depth.

The concept is that the vibrations will startle the canine and interrupt the barking, and the canine will finally study to affiliate the vibrations with its barking and cease the conduct.

Some vibrating bark collars even have adjustable vibration ranges, so you’ll be able to select the depth of the vibration that’s applicable in your canine. 

Ultrasound Bark Collar

An ultrasound bark collar works by emitting a high-pitched sound at a selected frequency and depth when a canine barks. 

The sound is normally above the vary of human listening to (ultrasound) and is meant to be heard solely by the canine. 

The concept is that the high-pitched sound will startle the canine and interrupt the barking, and the canine will finally study to affiliate the sound with its barking and cease the conduct.

Some ultrasound bark collars even have adjustable sound ranges, so you’ll be able to select the depth of the sound that’s applicable in your canine. 

Will a Bark Collar Cease My Dachshund’s Barking?

Whether or not a bark collar will cease your Dachshund from barking or not is a sophisticated query.

It relies on why your canine is barking, how lengthy they’ve been within the behavior, how delicate they’re to the stimulation, and the underlying reason for the barking.

For instance, if a canine is barking because of boredom or lack of train, a bark collar might not deal with the underlying reason for the barking and will not successfully cease the conduct.

It additionally relies on which kind of bark collar you employ. Not all canine will reply to the identical damaging stimulus in the identical manner.

Some canine could also be deterred by a bark collar instantly. 

Nonetheless, I’ve seen many Dachshunds who ignore, or tolerate the punishment, and proceed to bark their heads off anyway.

Usually although, a bark collar will work.

The bigger subject is the potential penalties, or unwanted effects, of utilizing one.

For instance, in case your Dachshund is consistently barking if you are away from dwelling, the reason for your Dachshund’s barking is sort of at all times separation nervousness.

In case you put a bark collar in your anxious canine earlier than you allow with the intention to cease it, the punishment may make your canine extra fearful, extra prone to bark, extra anxious, and might result in new undesired behaviors.

Ultimately, whereas a bark collar might cease your Dachshund’s barking within the brief time period in an emergency state of affairs, you must also work on the barking subject by correct coaching and work to deal with the underlying reason for it.

What Else Can I Do to Scale back My Dachshund’s Barking?

Understanding why your Dachshund is barking can assist you develop a plan to deal with the conduct.

There are a number of methods to assist cease a canine’s barking with out utilizing a bark collar, together with:

Coaching and conduct modification

Instructing your canine the “quiet” command, and rewarding them after they cease barking, can assist to cut back extreme barking. 

Instructing your canine to “go to your house” after they begin barking can assist train them what to do as an alternative of barking after they see one thing that irritates, frustrates, or upsets them.

Word that coaching a canine to not bark as a lot requires persistence, consistency, and a dedication to altering the conduct, particularly you probably have an grownup Dachshund with a long-standing behavior of extreme barking

Take into account consulting with an expert animal behaviorist or coach to make sure that you’re utilizing probably the most applicable and humane strategies to deal with your canine’s barking.

Addressing the underlying reason for the barking

In case your canine is barking because of separation nervousness, boredom, or lack of train, addressing the underlying reason for the barking can assist to cut back or remove the conduct.

Desensitization and counter-conditioning

Steadily exposing your canine to the issues that set off their barking, and serving to them to affiliate these issues with optimistic experiences, can assist to cut back or remove the conduct.

The “take a look at that” and “go away it” instructions could be useful right here.

Environmental administration

Altering the setting to cut back or remove the issues that set off your canine’s barking can assist to cut back or remove the conduct.

That is generally known as “setting your canine up for achievement”.

For instance, in case your Dachshund usually rides within the automotive the place they’ll see the issues that set off their barking, strive inserting your canine in a crate within the cargo space the place they’ll’t see canine, different automobiles, and folks out of the window.

In case your Dachshund barks at folks strolling by your home, shut the blinds or put a plastic movie on the window to obscure your canine’s imaginative and prescient.

In case your canine is at all times barking at noises exterior, go away a radio or TV on to assist drown out the noise.

Rule out any potential medical or emotional circumstances

In case you suspect that your canine’s barking is brought on by an underlying situation, it’s essential to take them to a veterinarian for an analysis.

Some examples can be separation nervousness or an sickness or damage that makes them irritable.

Sedate your canine

Now, you might be pondering, how is sedating my canine in order that they bark much less any extra humane than utilizing a bark collar?

The important thing variations are that sedation has no chance of being painful, could be very unlikely to make a canine’s concern/nervousness worse, or result in new conduct points.

Delicate sedation is finest used together with one, or extra, of the opposite strategies above when these methods alone usually are not sufficient and a quick resolution is required.

It’s additionally essential that you simply talk about this feature together with your veterinarian earlier than attempting it.

What About Utilizing a Squirt Bottle?

This subject is ever so barely moving into the weeds in relation to this text.

Nonetheless, after publishing this text, a number of folks exclaimed they’d by no means use a bark collar and/or they’d proceed to inform me how evil they assume bark collar are.

A number of folks adopted that up with, “I take advantage of a squirt bottle of water”, really believing that was a greater choice.

So I wished to deal with that right here.

Whether or not you select to make use of a bottle of water to squirt your canine, or a can of pennies to make a loud noise, to discourage them from barking, actually, that’s actually no totally different than utilizing a citronella or beeping bark collar.

Squirting your Doxie with water, or making a scary noise, is punishment given for doing one thing pure and it doesn’t deal with the underlying subject or present a canine what to do as an alternative.

For my part, utilizing a squirt bottle is on par with the beep, citronella, or vibration bark collars.

I agree although that’s a squirt bottle is a much less invasive choice than the shock bark collar although, which can be what you consider first whenever you hear bark collar (lots of people do).

However there’s a drawback.

Timing is all the pieces

Right here is the place a bark collar is a bonus over these different two methods – timing.

To ensure that your canine to affiliate the punishment with their motion, it must be administered on the first signal of the undesired conduct or seconds after it begins.

People have delayed reactions and poor timing although.

That’s why clicker coaching was born – to assist people enhance their timing as a result of a click on could be delivered shortly and precisely to mark a exact second in your canine’s conduct.

Timing is the one place {that a} bark collar excels over the spray bottle or penny can methodology.

The bark collar detects your canine’s sound and delivers the punishment instantly in order that your canine can higher perceive the conduct you don’t need them to do.

Can utilizing a squirt bottle work to disrupt barking although? Sure, it positively can.

I simply need to be clear that, though it’s a special software and administered in a different way, in canine coaching phrases, it’s nonetheless a “punishment” centered coaching like a bark collar is.

Remaining Ideas

Regardless that the usage of bark collars is controversial, particularly those that ship an electrical, or static shock, I’m not going to evaluate anybody from utilizing them on their Dachshunds.

I do assume they need to solely be used as a final resort underneath excessive circumstances, like going through eviction or the potential for surrendering your Dachshund to a rescue, and together with a long-term technique like coaching or conduct modification.

I’d quite see an proprietor, and a Dachshund, keep within the dwelling than be put in dire circumstances as a result of the proprietor is afraid of the stigma related to utilizing a bark collar.

Bear in mind although, Dachshunds had been bred for searching so barking, and alerting you to one thing threatening or stimulating, is pure for them.

Additionally do not forget that there are a lot of causes a Dachshund might bark excessively.

Whereas it could be just because they like doing it, there is also different causes like underlying medical causes or separation nervousness.

I believe punishing your canine for barking underneath these circumstances is a bit merciless.

Additionally, it will possibly backfire as a result of the concern brought on by punishment may trigger extra conduct issues than it eliminates.

As an alternative, if in any respect attainable, exhaust all different choices first, like coaching, addressing the underlying reason for the barking, desensitization, and counter-conditioning.  

In case you do select to make use of a bark collar, I recommend utilizing the least invasive kind (vibration, citronella spray) first to see if it really works earlier than progressing to a static shock kind.

Additionally, It’s essential to make use of it correctly, comply with the producer’s directions and take into consideration the temperament of your canine.

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