Is Goat Milk Good For Canine? – 20 Causes Why It Is

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The fast and simple reply to the query Is goat milk good for canine? is an enthusiastic sure!

That’s as a result of goat milk is filled with important vitamins that help canine well being in varied methods. 

I personally realized about goat milk for canine after I switched my Boxer mixes from kibble to uncooked pet food

That was again in 2015.

Goat Milk For Dogs - puppy drinking milk

Ever since, goat milk for canine has been an everyday staple in our dwelling. 

So right this moment, I’ll share what I’ve realized about goat milk through the years.

Spoiler alert: It’s not simply nice for raw-fed canine! As a matter of truth, it’s notably useful for canine who eat kibble. 

Extra on that right here in a bit.

What’s In Goat Milk?

However first, let’s take a look at the nutrient profile of goat milk.

Goat milk is of course wealthy within the following:

  • Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin D
  • Collagen
  • Calcium
  • Zinc

20 Causes Why Goat Milk Is Good For Canine

These vitamins work collectively to advertise canine well being a method or one other.

1. Goat Milk Is Simple to Digest

For example, goat milk is called common milk as a result of it’s straightforward to digest by all mammals (together with us people), and it’s lots simpler to digest than cow milk.

That mentioned, it’s mild on a canine’s abdomen and promotes a wholesome intestine microbiome.

2. Excessive High quality Protein Supply

Goat milk can be a very good supply of high-quality protein, which helps in muscle growth and restore.

By the way in which, the explanation why goat milk is a lot simpler to digest than cow milk is that goat milk accommodates extra A2 beta-casein proteins than it does A1 beta-casein proteins.

3. Helps Canine Joint Well being

Past that, goat milk additionally accommodates collagen.

That’s a protein that performs a vital function in sustaining the construction and energy of joints, tendons, and ligaments.

The naturally occurring chondroitin and glucosamine in goat milk additionally assist preserve wholesome joints, which is particularly useful for senior pups!

4. Goat Milk For Canine With Diarrhea

Since goat milk is way simpler to digest than cow milk, it’s a mild choice for canine with diarrhea, an upset abdomen or gastrointestinal points. 

Additionally, the probiotics in goat milk promote a wholesome intestine, which doesn’t simply assist with digestion, nevertheless it additionally helps enhance your canine’s immune system. 

5. Calcium, Phosphorus & Vitamin D for Sturdy Bones

The calcium content material in goat milk helps help robust bones and enamel in canine.

Phosphorus works along side calcium to construct and preserve wholesome bones and joints in canine.

Final however not least, the vitamin D in goat milk helps take in and make the most of calcium and phosphorus, which additional contributes to bone and joint well being!

6. Helps Pet Progress

Since goat milk helps develop robust bones, it’s notably useful for puppies because it helps their progress and growth part. 

Good to know: When puppies are rejected by their mom, goat milk is usually used as a milk replacer for the younger pups!

7. Helps Rehydrate Canine

Goat milk is a pure supply of the electrolyte potassium, which helps preserve the steadiness of fluids within the canine’s physique.

Due to this, goat milk is nice to assist rehydrate canine after bodily exercise or sickness.

Throughout our scorching and humid NC summer season, the pups at all times acquired somewhat goat milk after our every day morning walks. 

8. Goat Milk Is Good For Canine With Kidney Illness

One instance of an sickness the excessive water content material in goat milk might help with is kidney illness. 

That’s as a result of enough hydration is essential for canine with kidney points because it helps kidney operate and prevents dehydration.

9. Goat Milk For Canine Pores and skin

Since goat milk will increase collagen manufacturing, this helps contribute to a wholesome pores and skin and coat, and the complicated GAG molecules in goat milk additionally assist enhance hydration of the pores and skin.

Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties of Omega-3 fatty acids in goat milk contribute to a shiny and wholesome coat as properly.

10. Goat Milk For Canine With Allergic reactions

In fact, that additionally implies that goat milk helps relieve itchy, dry pores and skin that’s brought on by allergy symptoms! 

My pup Wally’s pores and skin allergy symptoms have improved tremendously on his uncooked pet food weight loss plan, and goat milk is part of it. 

11. Reduces Shedding

One final notice on the advantages of goat milk for canine pores and skin and coat: The fatty acids in goat milk additionally assist decrease extreme shedding in canine.

12. Lactose-Pleasant

Since goat milk for canine has decrease lactose ranges than cow’s milk, it’s extra appropriate for lactose-intolerant canine.

13. Vitality Increase

The pure sugars in goat milk can present a fast power enhance to lively and playful canine. 

14. Promotes Wholesome Weight

Goat milk also can assist underweight canine acquire wholesome weight. 

On common, one cup (about 244 grams) of complete goat milk has about 168 energy.

15. Tasty Deal with

Most canine love the style of goat milk, which is definitely was a yummy deal with.

Simply freeze it into ice cubes or enjoyable silicone formed paw prints for a cool and refreshing summer season snack – actually the best canine deal with ever! 

My Boxer mixes liked it, and so does Wally (he’s a Feist combine).

16. Enhances Meals Taste

If in case you have a choosy eater, attempt mixing goat milk with dry pet food.

Goat milk has a naturally candy style and a creamy texture that almost all canine love, in order that makes it an excellent pet food topper for choosy eaters!

17. Wealthy in Antioxidants

Goat milk accommodates antioxidants that assist neutralize dangerous free radicals in a canine’s physique. 

Which means they assist gradual the getting old course of in canine.

18. Helps Mind Well being

Zinc in addition to the Omega-3 fatty acids in goat milk are important for mind growth and cognitive operate. 

19. Reduces Unhealthy Canine Breath

Goat milk also can assist freshen a canine’s breath once you feed it usually.

20. Enhances Nutrient Utilization

Final however not least, goat milk might help canine extract extra vitamins from the common meals they eat.

That’s as a result of goat milk accommodates naturally occurring emulsifiers that may assist disperse fat all through the digestive system.

This course of helps within the breakdown and absorption of fat-soluble nutritional vitamins (A, D, E and Okay).

Why is Goat Milk Significantly Useful For Kibble-Fed Canine?

Given all these advantages, you might be able to guess the place I’m going with this.

As you might know, the kibble manufacturing course of entails excessive warmth extrusion.

This course of can considerably alter the unique nutrient content material of the elements. 

As a result of right here’s the factor – the excessive temperatures used within the manufacturing course of kill dangerous micro organism like salmonella.

However in addition they kill the GOOD micro organism and degrade delicate vitamins like nutritional vitamins and enzymes. 

Whereas they’re added again in synthetically, they’re a lot much less bioavailable for canine on this kind.

Which means kibble is devoid of dwell probiotics and enzymes.

And since goat milk is of course wealthy in each, it can provide kibble-fed canine a big nutrient enhance, help a wholesome intestine and assist with digestive points.

How A lot Goat Milk Ought to I Give My Canine?

You can provide canine about 2 fluid ounces of every day goat milk per 20 lb of physique weight.

As at all times once you’re introducing a brand new meals or complement, begin slowly to present your canine’s physique time to get used to it. 

My Boxer mixes Missy & Buzz weighed 55 and 75 lb respectively, and my pup Wally weighs simply shy of 40 lb.

For Missy, that translated right into a ¾ cup of goat milk per day, and for Buzz it was a few every day cup of goat milk. 

Earlier than we moved abroad, Wally acquired about ½ a cup of goat milk through the scorching summer season months.

Which brings me to one thing else I wish to cowl – goat milk yogurt.

Adding goats milk to raw dog food - the wine is mine!

Including goats milk to uncooked pet food – the wine is mine!

Is Goat Milk Yogurt Good For Canine?

Now that Wally and I are in Germany, goat milk is tougher to seek out than it’s within the States. 

However plain goat milk yogurt isn’t! 

So as a substitute of goat milk, Wally will get a number of teaspoons of the yogurt. 

I both high his uncooked pet food off with it, or I add it to the home made plant matter combine I put together for meal prep day. 

Simply FYI, the plant matter makes up 10% of his every day uncooked pet food, and the remaining is a mixture of muscle meat, uncooked meaty bones and secreting organs.

And guess what, I even have some goat milk yogurt as a result of I don’t tolerate yogurt from cow’s milk, however the goat milk form doesn’t hassle me in any respect.

Adding plain goat yogurt to Wally’s plant matter

Including plain goat yogurt to Wally’s plant matter

The place To Purchase Goats Milk For Canine

This depends upon the place you might be on this planet!

Within the States, you should buy bottled uncooked goat milk for canine from sure pet food manufacturers like Primal and Solutions Pet Meals.

In the event you’re extra of an Amazon shopper, you may also get frozen uncooked goat milk from Uncooked Paws Pet Meals on Amazon

Different choices are goat milk powder, for instance from:

It’s extra handy as you gained’t have to make use of it up inside 10 days as is the case with bottled goat milk. 

The way in which it really works is you merely add some heat water, stir and serve.

In the event you don’t dwell within the States and may’t discover any goat milk on Amazon or in bodily pet retail shops, attempt to find native goat farms. 

They normally carry a wide range of goat merchandise, together with meats, milk and cheese.

Backside Line

So, is goat milk good for canine?

Why sure, it’s!

Because it’s naturally wealthy in high quality proteins, nutritional vitamins and minerals, goat milk is an total immune system booster for canine and supplies particular advantages for:

  • The canine’s intestine
  • Their pores and skin and coat
  • Canine joint and bone well being
  • Mind growth

Moreover, canine with allergy symptoms to cow’s milk normally tolerate goat milk higher (and so do people!).

Because of its irresistible creamy consistency and yummy style, goat milk for canine additionally provides extra taste to a bowl of kibble and might help entice your choosy eater to get pleasure from their meals once more.

Have you ever fed your canine(s) goat milk? Tell us within the remark part under this weblog submit!

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