Feeding Uncooked Sport Meat to Canines

On this article I’ll go over a number of the professionals and cons of feeding uncooked recreation meat to canine as a part of the canine’s total uncooked food regimen.

A uncooked food regimen means similar to it sounds, feeding a canine a food regimen of uncooked meat and bones. Be taught extra about the fundamentals of uncooked feeding right here and try our uncooked feeding FAQs.

Whereas there are lots of well being advantages of feeding your canine a uncooked food regimen, one of many downsides is the way it prices much more than feeding dry meals (kibble). 

For instance, feeding considered one of my 65-pound canine a store-bought uncooked food regimen prices about $400 per thirty days! By comparability, it prices about $80 per thirty days to feed the identical canine a higher-end dry meals.

Even when I purchase the meat myself and make my canine’s uncooked meals, it nonetheless prices about $200 a month to feed considered one of my canine.

So, it is sensible to contemplate feeding uncooked recreation meat to canine, together with the uncooked organ meat and uncooked bones.

Uncooked recreation meat can complement what you’re at present feeding your canine whereas saving you some cash on the similar time.

Is it OK to feed my canine uncooked deer meat? Or different wild recreation?

Sure and no. It’s not a easy reply. 

Canines are clearly designed for consuming uncooked meat and bones! They’ll deal with extra micro organism than we are able to, and their sturdy jaws and enamel are supposed to simply crunch up, swallow and eat uncooked meat and bones.

So I’ll go over a number of the professionals and cons of feeding your canine numerous wild recreation so you may make your personal resolution about what’s proper on your explicit canine.

Sadly, it’s really unlawful in some areas to feed wild recreation to pets and livestock. And, in fact wild recreation may also carry illnesses and parasites. Feeding it to your canine does include some dangers. 

For that reason, it’s good to perform a little research on the precise legal guidelines and dangers based mostly on the place you reside and the place the wild recreation comes from. Use this text as a really common piece of your ongoing analysis.

Feeding uncooked recreation meat to canine advantages

Listed below are a number of the causes to contemplate feeding your canine uncooked meat from wild recreation reminiscent of venison, elk or 

1. Get monetary savings on uncooked pet food by feeding wild recreation

You’ll be able to doubtlessly save some huge cash on uncooked pet food by feeding wild recreation meat. 

For those who hunt massive recreation your self reminiscent of elk, you in all probability wish to use that meat to feed your loved ones – the human members of your loved ones, that’s. Except you’ve got very fortunate canine!

However, generally buddies or household might have older elk or venison of their freezer from final yr that they didn’t get an opportunity to eat up. Or perhaps you’ve got some your self from the earlier season.

It is a nice choice for canine and that method the meat doesn’t go to waste. It definitely received’t hurt a canine to eat meat from a earlier season if it’s been frozen.

Because it’s not authorized for leisure hunters to promote wild recreation meat in many of the U.S., generally hunters will give their meat away.

You’ll be able to test Craigslist or Fb Market for people who find themselves giving freely their additional meat.

Even when your canine shouldn’t be consuming 100% wild recreation meat, it’s nonetheless a pleasant choice to have every so often as a further protein supply.

2. Wild recreation meat is extra nutritious meat on your canine

Wild recreation meat is mostly going to be higher high quality meat than something you discover in a grocery retailer! It’s wild, natural free-range meat! 

For instance, my household eats wild elk meat no less than twice every week!

Elk roam freely and eat a pure food regimen of grass, bushes and timber. They don’t eat corn like many of the cows raised for beef, and they don’t seem to be confined to a small space.

Elk meat has so many nutritional vitamins and vitamins and it’s lean meat excessive in protein. It comprises vitamin B2 and B3, iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc, in line with WebMD.

3. Wild recreation meat is a extra humane meals supply

Sure, nature may be very merciless and violent. However wild animals typically reside happier lives than the cows, pigs and chickens raised for meals in the US.

Consuming wild recreation ourselves and feeding it to our canine is much extra humane than supporting U.S. manufacturing facility farming.

4. Number of organ meat – wild recreation for canine

Uncooked organ meat is a vital a part of feeding your canine a uncooked food regimen due to the vitamins present in organs. 

Organ meat ought to make up about 10 p.c of your canine’s uncooked food regimen, in line with most uncooked feeders. See our article on organ meat for canine.

Whereas it’s straightforward to purchase quite a lot of muscle meat on your canine’s uncooked food regimen – reminiscent of floor beef or hen quarters – it’s not straightforward to seek out quite a lot of organ meat.

If somebody who goes deer searching and processes the deer themselves, ask them to put aside the organs on your canine. Canines can eat any of the organs from a deer reminiscent of the center, liver or kidneys.

For those who hunt your self and usually take the animal to a wildlife processor, you may ask the processor to avoid wasting the organ meat for you. (Some will and a few is not going to.)

I am going pheasant searching with my canine within the fall and I save the pheasant hearts and livers as a particular deal with for them! They adore it!

5. Uncooked deer bones on your canine

My canine discover deer bones within the woods and chew on them fairly repeatedly – bones reminiscent of rib bones and jaw bones. I solely take them away if the bones seem brittle and sharp from sitting out within the parts.

It’s protected to feed uncooked bones to your canine from wild recreation meat however I choose to not give my canine massive, dense bones reminiscent of deer legs or any of the big elk bones. 

The reason being I fear they may crack a tooth on these tougher bones, even when it’s a small danger.

Relying in your canine’s chewing fashion, you may also wish to keep away from giving them bigger bones.

Deer and elk antlers are an alternative choice for chewing. You should buy farm raised elk antlers at some pet meals shops, however giving your canine antlers from wild elk are even higher! 

Once more, know your canine’s chewing fashion as antlers are additionally very dense for chewing. They make an ideal choice for some canine and never others.

For those who hunt birds like pheasants, geese, geese, turkey or quail, you may save the carcasses on your canine after you’re executed harvesting the meat for your self. This makes an ideal “uncooked meaty bone” meal on your canine.

See our article: Can canine eat turkey necks?

Dangers of feeding your canine wild recreation meat

Feeding your canine wild recreation meat does have some dangers. You’ll have to determine for your self if feeding your canine wild recreation meat is best for you.

1. Wild recreation meat shouldn’t be inspected

In the US, the Meals Security Inspection Service ensures that each one industrial meat, poultry and eggs are suitable for eating. (This doesn’t essentially imply the meat is superior to wild recreation meat, however you may belief that you just’re not going to get sick from it.)

However, wild recreation meat from leisure hunters shouldn’t be inspected by anybody for high quality or security.

It’s important to belief that you just’re getting the meat from somebody who has dealt with and saved it correctly.

2. Wild recreation can carry parasites

Any wild animal has the potential to hold parasites, so there’s at all times some danger to feeding your canine any type of wild recreation. 

You’ll be able to kill most potential parasites in wild recreation meat by freezing the meat for a month earlier than feeding it to your canine. I like to recommend you utilize a freezer set to 0 levels. This nonetheless doesn’t assure the meat might be freed from parasites but it surely lowers the chance.

When unsure, you may additionally prepare dinner the meat earlier than feeding it to your canine. Sure, I notice this isn’t uncooked meat however even cooked wild recreation is more healthy on your canine than any kibble or grocery retailer meat.

Some examples of parasites canine can get from wild recreation meat embody tapeworms (discovered in lots of animals) or trichinosis (mostly present in wild boar or black bear).

Can canine get trichinosis from uncooked bear meat?

Sure. Canines and other people can get trichinosis from the parasite trichinella mostly present in black bear meat and likewise wild boar. 

For those who determine to feed your canine black bear meat or wild hog meat, I like to recommend you prepare dinner the meat as an alternative of feeding it uncooked.

The trichinella larvae can migrate and embed within the muscle groups, in line with the Minnesota Division of Well being. Individuals primarily get this illness from consuming wild recreation that isn’t correctly cooked.

Here’s a great article on avoiding trichinosis (for individuals) in wild bear and wild boar meat. Freezing the meat could make an enormous distinction, however it isn’t 100% protected.

Fortunately, you typically shouldn’t have to fret about trichinosis in case you are searching deer or elk or birds reminiscent of pheasants, geese, turkeys, and many others.

See our article:

Will my canine get sick from uncooked meat?

Can canine get power losing illness from uncooked deer meat?

Persistent losing illness is a illness brought on by prions, that are infectious proteins, in line with the American Veterinary Medical Affiliation’s (AVMA) web site. The illness impacts the mind and spinal wire.

There may be at present no proof canine can develop into contaminated with CWD, in line with the AVMA. Nonetheless, it’s best to keep away from feeding mind and spinal wire tissues from killed recreation to canine. The 4 species identified to be most prone to CWD are mule deer, white-tailed deer, Shiras moose and Rocky Mountain elk.

The CDC says that there’s at present no proof that CWD passes to people. 

Find out how to feed wild recreation meat to your canine

There’s nothing particular about feeding uncooked recreation meat to canine, besides I’d suggest freezing the meat for a month at a low temperature reminiscent of 0 levels F. 

This provides you with some peace of thoughts that almost all potential parasites have been killed, though there isn’t any assure 

When unsure, prepare dinner the wild recreation meat on your canine, particularly whether it is black bear meat or wild boar meat. Cooked recreation meat continues to be a wholesome choice for canine!

Is deer meat too wealthy for canine?

No, deer meat shouldn’t be too wealthy for canine. However keep in mind it’s often greatest to introduce all new meals slowly, particularly in case your canine has a delicate abdomen and the meat is fatty.

Keep away from feeding deer sausage or jerky to your canine

For those who obtain seasoned jerky or salami from the sport processor, keep away from feeding this to your canine. The seasoning may upset your canine’s abdomen.

What to do in case your canine kills and eats a rabbit

In case your canine kills or finds and eats a rabbit, squirrel, chook or different animal, he’ll most probably be high quality. There may be nothing to fret about. 

Sure, canine can eat uncooked rabbit and squirrels and possibly most different animals they occur to catch or discover.

Canines are meat eaters and so they have acidic stomachs and brief digestive tracts designed for consuming uncooked meat and bones.

I reside within the nation and my very own canine will often catch and kill a small animal. If that you must cease your canine from chasing squirrels or different animals, see our article: Cease my canine from chasing squirrels

I maintain my canine on a parasite preventative for the hotter months of the yr to assist stop them from sure parasites. This received’t shield them from every little thing, however I really feel higher realizing it should work for lots of widespread parasites reminiscent of tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms.

Do you have to feed your canine wild recreation?

Finally, that is your personal selection! It’s important to weigh the professionals and cons of feeding uncooked recreation meat to canine realizing your particular canine.

Within the feedback, tell us in the event you’ve ever fed your canine wild recreation meat.

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