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Facial Area

They’ve a attribute headpiece that’s important to the proper breed kind a big and well-rounded cranium, generally known as an “apple head” (or “apple dome”) with or with out molera.

The road of the cranium ought to curve in a semi-circle from the occiput round to the muzzle (Considered from the aspect). The cease is vertical with the road of the cranium, forming a 90-degree angle the place it joins the muzzle.

The reasonably brief and considerably pointed muzzle is broad and deep sufficient to help wholesome dentition. Considered from the aspect, the road of the brow varieties a proper angle to the bridge of the muzzle.

The well-defined jawlines and well-defined stops add to their general cute attraction

Giant, full, balanced however not protruding, set effectively aside – luminous ruby or luminous darkish. Gentle eyes in white or blond canine are permissible.

Their massive and erect ears are set in such a manner that the underside fringe of the ear is connected on the similar stage because the outer nook of the attention. They’re broad on the base and taper barely with rounded factors.

The ears are usually carried with the tip level relatively outward which is usually known as “2 o’clock and at 10 o’clock,” which is self-explanatory.

A line drawn from the inside nook of the attention to the ear tip and the road from the outer nook of the attention to the inside nook varieties a 45-degree angle.


A well-proportioned, barely arched neck that’s thickly set, with out dewlaps and sloping towards lean shoulders. Degree topline that rises progressively, however not exceptionally from the withers in the direction of the loin.

Thoroughly-sprung ribs (however not an excessive amount of “barrel-shaped” chest), deep briskets, and stomach tucked up however by no means whipped. The shoulders are reasonably muscled and there may be good angulation between the higher arm and shoulder blade.

The straight forelegs are of excellent size, with the elbows held near the physique. The pasterns are versatile but robust. They’ve well-muscled Hindquarters with robust and muscular again legs.

Their ft are very small and oval-shaped with the toes effectively cut up up, however not unfold out, well-cushioned paw pads, and neat nails. The angulation of the forequarters is in stability with the angulation of the hindquarters.

Their tail is reasonably lengthy(as a plume) and set excessive (by no means docked )which canine carry over their backs like a sickle or a single curl with the tip simply touching the again.

Applehead vs Deerhead

Formally, Chihuahua has solely two official variations, the lengthy coat, and the graceful coat. However there are additionally apple-head and deer-head Chihuahuas.

The notable variations between an apple head and a deer head Chihuahua contain the cranium (well-rounded vs slopey), the muzzle (brief vs lengthy), the cease (well-defined- near a 90-degree angle vs sloped- 30 to 45-degree angle), the physique proportions (off-square vs lengthy and tall) and the neck (average vs lengthy).

Regardless of the prevalence of the deer head chi canine, it’s the apple head that matches the breed customary. All standard kennel golf equipment make reference to both an apple head’ or ‘apple domed’ cranium.

Blended kind:

If a Chihuahua that has the cranium could spherical out a bit, however not as a lot as a traditional apple head or, a reasonably brief muzzle however with a slender, sloped cranium, this is quite common for pet Chihuahuas to fall someplace in between an apple and a deer head.

There isn’t a purpose so that you can must be overly involved about this.

Teacup Chihuahua

Teacup, Toy,  purse, micro, mini– should you see any of these phrases earlier than the phrase “Chihuahua,” you’re seeing an outline, not a unique breed.

Despite the fact that a “huge” Chihuahua! Conforming to breed customary weighs little greater than a bag of flour, there’s nonetheless demand for toy-sized pups.

A Chi canine could weigh as little as 3 kilos and a few breeders, in an try and be noticeable from the pack, could breed “teacup” Chihuahuas.

As there isn’t any formally acknowledged teacup dimension– or toy, mini, micro, purse-sized — breed of Chihuahua, the “teacup” dimension can imply absolutely anything, normally lesser sized than the usual Chihuahua.

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