Am I loopy to need two puppies??

Many individuals ask me what I take into consideration getting two puppies directly, or including a second Labrador (or canine).  Effectively, right here is my opinion…

Big dog little dog- Endless Mt. Labradors

Getting TWO puppies directly!

I truly do advocate getting 2 puppies…afterall…canine are PACK animals, so they’re happiest with their very own sort. It additionally solves the query of “guilt” if you find yourself away and may’t be together with your canine.  It is also much less stress on the pups (no lonely crying pup in the course of the evening…), and is much less stress on you. You do the coaching as soon as for each…simpler than getting a pup now, then one other later… I’d say I’ve a pair of labs exit in virtually each litter, as this pattern has truly change into extra widespread. I additionally discover it’s a false assumption that the pups will bond to one another and never you…I’ve had so many labs over 21 years, and I’ve by no means discovered this to be true. They embody you IN their pack. they love you as a lot as they do their canine counterpart. Labs are sooooo adaptable.


Including a Second Labrador…

Some individuals ask if they need to add the identical intercourse or reverse intercourse for a second labrador…I can inform you from expertise, similar intercourse will solely work about 50% of the time, however reverse intercourse pairings work 100% of the time. To me, its not definitely worth the danger of two similar intercourse canine having one emerge because the “alpha” and it’s a must to make the troublesome determination to put or promote one in every of your canine. That’s solely my opinion. I have to no less than state it, as I don’t wish to see any of you expertise this heartache. Typically the second lab of the identical intercourse can really feel “threatened” or in “competitors with” the opposite lab. It’s simply not price it, in case you ask me…though it’s finally your alternative, I DO NOT suggest 2 labs (canine) of the identical intercourse in the identical family.

***One thing to recollect if you convey residence your new pup…

Bear in mind if you introduced that model new child residence and also you had somewhat youngster (toddler) at residence who bought REAL jealous? This occurs after they study “hey, this little factor is getting extra consideration than ME, ME, ME!” We at all times make this deadly mistake…so as a substitute, give the “toddler” consideration WHEN the child comes out…he’ll study, “Oh, cool, this child will get me consideration when it exhibits up….I like this!!!” Identical factor with canine. Consider your current canine because the ‘toddler”…the remainder goes to work itself out over a TWO week interval because the “pecking order” is established. Please be affected person, and allow them to do that.


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